Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rainy Thursday...

Nerdy perhaps? Haha! Me and Kriselle

A Good Thursday evening dear bloggers. Yep, it's still raining like crazy. Actually, I checked on the weather forecast and it says that it'll be raining for the entire week. It's just so weird to know that it's still the middle of summer and yet we're experiencing the curtains of La Nina. Oh well...

Since I'm stuck inside my home today(I was too lazy to do some driving today, haha!), I did nothing but to be vain with myself and with my little sister, haha! Forgive us for being so vain, it's just that the rain hinders us from doing anything... Well, in some ways I guess, haha!

I have a lot of things to talk about. Let's start away.


Let's discuss the upcoming Pinoy OFW/Expats Blog Awards. Yep, for the second time around, the blog community will be recognizing OFW bloggers for their notable contributions in the blogosphere. It's also a simple way of saying thank you for the efforts that they have ushered as members of the Filipino migrant worker community.

Let's face it: without these noble OFWs, probably most of us are nothing.

It's touching to know how these Pinoy workers have gone through just to provide their families the necessities that they need and the conditions that they deserve. Their tears, their sweat, their blood- they never cared on shedding those just for the sake of their loved ones, and of course, proving to everyone that they can be catalysts for a wonderful future ahead.

So let us support and salute these OFWs for doing such a wonderful job and for being proud members of the Filipino nation.

In order for us to thank these noble OFWs, let us support wholeheartedly the upcoming 2009 Pinoy OFW/Expats Blog Awards. Let us join hands in promoting this event towards the blogosphere to help and thank these model Filipinos.

Three Stars and A Sun!

Earlier on, I posted something about this Beyonce Knowles off-key board feed video that's circulating around the net. Amusingly, it became a hot topic on most blogs, forums, entertainment sites, and even TV and radio shows.

Regarding this video, recently, the person who posted this on the net just claimed on TMZ and Hilton that it was all but fake. It was a joke meant to play some pranks on Beyonce. He said that he just made some alterations on Beyonce's voice during the performance to make it looke like it was just a lousy lipsynching.

Yep, he is right. I've seen the source video of her actual Today Show performance, and it was all great. It pales in comparison to the worse and hilarious ambiance of the edited video.

Well, I guess all's well that ends well... No matter how big were the damages being dealt by the video, no one could change the fact that surely, Beyonce's one of the greatest performing artists of all time.

Cheers to that. :)

Alright, so that's it for today's post. Thank you so much for continously following my blog. Hope to see you guys next time. Ciao! :)


  1. Cute ni Kriselle :) ....

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    No problem. Always a pleasure to help other bloggers. :)

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