Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Back! Happy Easter everyone! :)

Josh, Kriselle and Me at our Aunt's pad at Tagaytay

Happy Easter everyone! I'm back here in the blogosphere once again. After three days of bonding up with my family as well as celebrating the Lenten Season, I'm up and ready to embrace the net once more and do the kinds of stuff that I missed during those days.

Well, without any further ado, let's get started.

I've enjoyed our stay in Tagaytay that much. It's great to bond with your family much closer than the usual. Besides that, I love the scenery and the feel
that we have in Tagaytay. That made us sit back and feel the breeze while recalling some things and stuff.

And of course, I'll never forget taking pics of myself as well, haha!

Dad, Mom and Me

Today's Easter, and I think it'll be more better if we start looking forward for a new path ahead. Let's begin anew, and become a better person ONE STEP AT A TIME. :)

That's it for this post. For more updates, please subscribe to my feeds or follow my blog for updates. Ciao! :)


  1. Ayun oh!!!Kaya naman pala eh, may pinagmanahan :)

  2. @Lord CM:
    Haha! Gnun? Haha.. Like parents, like daughter nga db? :)
    Hehe thanks!