Friday, April 24, 2009

Rainy Friday...

Before driving to Ayala...

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A cold Friday evening dear bloggers. Well, it seems that the weather took some twists today. Earlier this morning it was freakishly hot, but when afternoon came, hell froze over in favor of the rain.

Well, I guess the forecast is right: expect for more rain these next few days.

Anyway, I drove this morning to Makati to meet up with Puffy and accompany him for a little shopping. I also invited him for a simple lunch date, and then we played up Tekken 6: BR at Timezone afterwards, haha!

Yup, we missed playing Tekken together you see. :)

What's sweet is that he offered to drive my mom's car on our way home, which I rejected quickly. He's lazy kasi to bring his aunt's car, haha! Since he always makes it a point to drive me home whenever he brings his aunt's car, I assured this time that I'll be returning the favor to him. And it made him smile. He hugged me a little bit when we got home. It was the sweetest thing for me this day.

Yeah, and I guess it will always be..

Fact is, I'm unable to think of something to talk about in this post. Probably it's because I'm so much lazy to do some thinking, or perhaps sleepy and all that.

Well, let's just say most writers lose ther drives to write in a periodic span of time.

Alright, guess I have something to talk about right now, haha!

I am a writer myself, and I am no exception on this one. Let's go straight to the point: why do most writers lose their motivation or drive to write?

Let's list down some notable reasons:
1. Absence of inspiration. Of course, it'll hinder you from thinking effectively and being wholehearted in creating your piece. It's essential to have an inspiration so to speak when writing something.
2. Wondering. Sometimes, we tend to wonder or think about something that much that it misleads us from the topic that we're writing about.
3. Span of time spent on other things. More often than not, being unable to write for a longer span of time because of being busy and all that causes most of us to eventually lose our touch in writing. But the fact is, some talented writers still make it a point to keep their skill intact, even with the time being laid on their writing breaks.

There are a lot of reasons other than that, but probably it'll take forever to list them all down. Well, let's just say that you're not a writer if you've not suffered from this one. We all experience this sort of thing. It's just that it depends entirely on us whether to keep our writing abilities intact.

That's it for today's post. Hope to see you guys next time. Bye! :)

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