Thursday, April 2, 2009

7:34 pm....

Kriselle and Josh

Current Mood: Feeling Cozy :)
Song Playing: I can't remember the title, haha! It was performed by Akon and Young Jeezy

Good evening dear bloggers. :)

These days were pretty weird isn't it? It's supposed to be hot, but yet it's raining. Some of my friends were annoyed, due to the fact that it ruined their swimming plans for the weekend, haha! I dunno, but I just love this cozy, cold feeling that the rain has brought to me. It makes me wanna hug my pillow even more and go to sleep, haha!

Because it's raining outside and I'm unable to hang out, I took pictures of my younger siblings instead- save for L.A., who's still at my aunt's house at Bel-Air because of school stuff. We understand that though.

Anyway, moving on. I guess I have to make an advance announcement about this. Okay, here we go. I'll be gone away for a three days or so next week starting this Maundy Thursday because I'll be with my relatives at Tagaytay this Holy Week. In order to observe the spirit of the season, I'll take a pass from all these online stuff just for three days or so. Besides, I guess I'll never be able to use my laptop anyway at Tagaytay.

For more updates, please subscribe to my feeds or just follow my blog. There you go. Have a nice and cozy sleep people. Ciao! :)

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