Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 NBA Playoffs

Oh boy. Due to my laziness, and to some circumstances, I'm always hindered to watch the playoff games. It pisses me off whenever I tend to forget that there's a game to be watched, recalling so when it's about to end already.

Yup, don't get me wrong. I'm a sporty girl as well, and I love watching sports, most notably these three: tennis, volleyball and basketball.

In order for me to catch up with the games that I missed, I did some researching on the current standings of the 8 participating teams for this year's playoffs.

What's interesting in this year's playoffs is that it seems that the Portland Trail Blazers are all set to claim the glory that they deserve. Another notable team is Cleveland, who succeeded in hitting a clincher after 33 years, plus their undefeated streak in the elimination round against Detroit Pistons.

Yep, I am actually rooting for Cleveland or L.A., haha! I love these two teams, and I'm pretty much hyped up for their upcoming games. I'll assure this time that I'll never miss the courtside action.

Alright, so for those who were unable as well to catch up with the action, here are the team standings for this year's playoffs:

First Round
Conference Semifinals
Conference Finals
NBA Finals

1 *Cleveland 3

8 Detroit 0

4 Atlanta 1

5 Miami 1

Eastern Conference

3 *Orlando 1

6 Philadelphia 2

2 *Boston 2

7 Chicago 1



1 *L.A. Lakers 2

8 Utah 1

4 Portland 1

5 Houston 2

Western Conference

3 *San Antonio 1

6 Dallas 2

2 *Denver 2

7 New Orleans 0


  1. i luv hawks, bulls and blazers as the darkhorse-playoff teams..youth+power.
    however, its gonna be la v cavs.

    result: LeChamp James! haha XD