Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sacrifice.. (Taken from my own personal diary)

Melissa- I do wonder, will you really do everything for me? I hope you will..
Rei- I would.. But can you do the same for me? I mean, to SACRIFICE for our love?
Melissa- ......

Personally, it is a term that I have a certain loathing for back then, not because I can't do it, but because of the experiences that I've had before.

Let's face it: it is so much difficult to give up something that you truly desire in order to attain what is right and just. As the old adage puts it, "Only heroes make sacrifices.."

And so it claims...

To tell you frankly, I find it hard for me to give up all the things that I value for, even if I have to. I'll hold on firmly to them, even if it'll take my life as payment- a childish characteristic that I have before.

Well, that is, until I reached college.

I realized that things weren't that easy, that they aren't to be bargained in an instant. My realizations further ignited after Rei broke up with me. It was a sad feeling, but yet it gave me things to ponder upon.

I value my dreams so much, as well as my family and friends. If I am to affirm my desire to prove that I can do it to repay them and to show them how much I value them, then perhaps I must give up some things in order to move forward.

Giving up things doesn't mean that it'll kill you. It means you are letting go of them because you have to and you need to, in order to reach your particular goals in life and to attain what is truly right.

Besides, a little inconvenience in your part won't hurt, right?- If you are to embrace a bigger set of reality after everything.

That is SACRIFICE.. Giving up the things that you value in order to attain what is right and to show how much you value the people around you..

Sadly, most people take this term for granted...

I say: why don't you try to place yourselves within the shoes of those who are willing to do it? Sometimes, we don't get everything that easily. Life is not an easy bargain, and we don't have to force other people to face the consequences and inconveniences for your own sake.

Again, as I've said in one of my blog posts, the answer is MODERATION, the act of catching the ball and releasing it when needed..

It's funny to know how people hate this thingy. Well, I am no exception to it, and it is completely humane.

However, pain is only temporarily. It's just that we set our minds to assume that the pain will last for eternity.

Why don't we forget all these mindsets and realize what is truly important?

Just like Christ. He gave up his own life and public dignity, in order to achieve his desire to rid humanity of its bondage to sin. It is so much painful in his part, yet no complaint came out from his lips. He endured it, not because he has to, but because he wants to..


Back then I am unable to give Rei an answer, but now, I can...

"I am willing to give up everything, if it means proving to my loved ones how much I love them..."

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