Sunday, April 5, 2009

Citibank and Alabang Scandal (explicit)

Puffy Yuri shared this mad video with me. This depicts a recorded phone patch between a Citibank Manager and an irate(and mad) caller who suddenly cursed freakishly within the call. I guess some of you have heard this already but for starters, let me post the video here.

And then later on I found this video showing the same mad woman on the phone patch cursing madly on a McDonald's branch at Festival Supermall, Alabang.

My God. She's really crazy. I can't believe that a scum like her would exist in this world. How dare this lady insult her own Filipino heritage? My.. I have a load of things to say about this girl but let me leave the job to your hands.

Dear readers, what do you think of this lady?

(Note: The videos being embedded above are of explicit material. Bloggers aged 18 below are advised not to watch them.)

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