Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rainy Wednesday..

Yep, that's my windshield being splashed by the rain.

A rainy aftie everyone! Yep, it's still a rainy day, and most of us freakin' love it, well except for those who are having their classes and gimmicks this time, haha!

For some reason, I can't help but love the rain. It has a symbolism for me that I can't just explain. Let's also add the fact that the rain brings a cozy feeling whenever I'm inside my house or car, especially if you're in the mood to take a nap, haha!

Earlier this morning, I used my mom's car and drove from Alabang to Makati. Let's just say that it was a test drive to see how I'll fare in a condition like this, so I went driving around Ayala, Alabang and made the rounds on Makati. Afterwards, I stopped at Alabang Town Center to do some food tripping and a little shopping. Yep, it's a little bit creepy inside ATC, due to the fact that it seemed like I'm only the person who's inside the mall. Perhaps most people hated the idea of malling on a rainy day.

Oh well.. Anyway, I met up with my Puffy Yuri on ATC as well. He was there to buy some acessories for his mobile phone, so I insisted on giving him company for a short while.

It was short, but sweet for the two of us. :)

I was testing something while browsing the net. I tried to type in some random phrases on Google to see how the results would be. I typed in the phrase "angering my friends."

Guess what came out?

No results came out, and Google replied, "Do you mean FINGERING MY FRIENDS?"


I typed in more phrases. I tested the phrases "Why" and "How To." The results that came out from both these phrases were connected to, ehem, sex and porn. I dunno. They were just innocent phrases, but then the results that they produced were quite raunchy and peculiar.

After trying those phrases, I decided to test searching some images. I typed in the words "Nun", "Boy" and "Huge."

Guess what?

The number one images on all those searches were still, in fact, connected to porn and other adult thingies.

God. Does this mean that the net exists just to provide porn or something? Or is there a problem with my search engine?

Note, my safesearch was ON the whole time, and I have no idea why the results were that peculiar and crazy.


I also tested out something on my PC. Let's just say that I'm in the mood to test out my curiosities with regards to both my PC and the net.

I tried to create some folders using some peculiar terms.

I used the words "exe", "plus", "static" and "con."

Of all those words, con was unavailable and perhaps, prohibited to be used as a name for a folder. It was because Windows stated there that it was only to be used for military purposes and all that.

That made me conclude that some words were definitely not available for most users to use in creating their own folders.

Try it out for yourself.


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  1. hey. i tried searching on my google, and to my surprise!!!

    no results of something pornish or linked to sex.

    maybe you can try to modify your settings or something.

    or else!


  2. @reigun:
    Really? Bt gnun kaya skin? Hmm.......