Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Happens If A Huge Quake Strikes Down The Metro?

A couple of days back, DPWH made a thorough assessment of Metro Manila following the earthquake/tsunami last Friday at Japan to see how RP would fare in the event of such a disaster.

To tell you, the results aren't good to hear. Lemme give a quick rundown on their study.

Here are the possible casualties that might be brought by a 7.5 magnitude-strong quake impact:
  • 30M filipinos would be homeless, with millions of pesos in terms of structural casualties(roads, buildings, homes, etc.)
  • 400 water supply points would be cut, due to severe damage on pipelines
  • Communication cables cut, causing imminent difficulties that may last for weeks if not months
  • Power lines/posts damaged, immediately bringing power shortage to the entire metropolis
  • 9 bridges would collapse, transportation difficulties would occur
  • Vital facilities would receive damage following the impact. These include schools, fire departments, govt. agencies key offices and the like, which might result in a non-functioning goverment
(Source: 92.3 News FM, as read by Cherry Mercado)

Disturbing, they are. But we have to accept the fact that with RP's location within the perimeters of the pacific plate and a fault line endangering the rest of the metro & its neighboring provinces, a huge quake similar to what we saw last week at Japan, is bound or more likely to come in the future. These facts are not released to create panic, but rather to educate all of us in preparing ourselves against such disasters.

As the old adage says, an ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure.

Pray. It works.

Sports Corner: Of AFC Challenge Cup and The Azkals

Perhaps time literally stopped here at RP earlier this day during the Philippine Azkals' second bout against the win-hungry Mongolian Blue Wolves. Surely, t'was a tight match, given the opponent's desperation to earn a spot in the prelims and the weather which most of the boys from RP aren't familar with. But then, seems that Lady Luck sided with the rabid pinoy warriors this time.

Let us examine a couple of factors that were quite noticeable during the match.


Perhaps the biggest concern everyone had for the team, the harsh winter climate at Mongolia sure became a true obstacle for the Azkals. Obviously, most of them are aliens to this type of environment. The tight weather decreased an ample percentage of their mobility and left everyone vulnerable against injury risks. The high altitude also gave them a lot of trouble, given that it slows down their breathing rate at some point.

This factor played an important role in the match. Noticeably, our boys performed their plays sluggishly, with them becoming prone to injury and some of our defenders rendered unable to move at their usual speeds(e.g, Chiffy Caligdong). However, the collective will of the entire team gave them the strength to brave through the climate.

Sacapaño as Neil Etheridge's substitute

Neil's absence during the game indeed was a big loss for the Azkals. Edward was a midfielder prior to the 2nd leg. His transition into becoming a goalkeeper took a toll for this bout. While it is true that he performed fine earlier with his good positioning and intuition, he did not possess the grip and sense of Neil when it comes to the said position.


As expected, Mongolia played tighter with regards to their formations, sporting a defensive play that hindered the Azkals from penetrating shots. The Azkals, on the other hand remained on their objective of pressing the attack whilst claiming possession for the remainder of the game. They did a good job in rendering their plays, however as I've mentioned above, the climate became a literal enemy of theirs during the game, thus hindering them from performing them at a much higher rate.

Conclusions, Future

All in all, the Azkals literally experienced birthing throes, which is normal for a football team. I believe Coach Michael Weiss must improve the team's training schedule, as well as its phases and etc. I hope the members took notes during the game earlier, that would aid them a great deal in their future matches.

Keep it up boys. Let the passion continue on burning. Game on. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yesterday was a disaster...

Nuff' said.

T'was the worst disaster we've seen in recent years, much worse than the calamities that preceeded it.

Truth is, it's quite heartbreaking to see videos/photos of the events that unfolded yesterday, not to mention watching people die on live TV. Guess no one's an exception at the face of such harrowing events, not even superpowers or otherwise.

The quake at Japan made me ponder on a couple of things:
  • Is this a premonition of upcoming events, or to make it simple, is our world slowly breaking apart?
  • Did we trigger this calamity by ourselves? I don't think that God would simply let loose such a disaster(points out to a Genesis verse)
  • Boy, a lot of things occurred lately. What's going on?
Whatever the answers to those questions are, I hope that things at Japan would be fine soon enough. The Land of the Rising Sun never believes in giving up. I'm quite sure they'll be able to stand up following this disaster(points out to the Hiroshima bombing decades ago).

It's been a while since I posted something worthwhile on my journal. My apologies. You see, it's my final year in college, and I'm working double time to ensure my spot towards the end of the race. Once all things are said and done, I'll be updating this site again.


Breaking News: An explosion occurred within the perimeter of the quake-hit Fukushima Nuclear Plant earlier this afternoon. Reports by the authorities claim that with the pressure rising, a nuclear meltdown is most likely to occur. (via CNN and Sky News)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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I won't discuss anything about politics and all those stuff for the meantime. Doing so might only depress us more..

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Monday, February 8, 2010

May this serve as a lesson....

I got this from a friend of mine at Facebook. It was actually a blog post from Tumblr, and if I'm not mistaken, was reported at TV earlier this evening.

You might want to check this out. I'll give my two cents later on..

January 13, 2009
Superklasse Wednesday

After four months of not going to a club (LITERALLY), I finally did to show some support for one of my best friends, Mel and to see friends who I haven’t seen for the longest longest longest time. It was the first time I’ve ever set foot in Encore (to think I used to go to Embassy every week). It felt surreal to be out and without my boyfriend, LJ, who couldn’t come due to an early class the following day.

I only had 4 drinks: 3 Amaretto Sours and a Mai Tai. It felt good seeing a lot of my friends. We took so many pictures that my fully charged camera went low bat. Anyway, Mel and I decided to leave Encore by 2:30 A.M. Our friends stayed behind since the club closes at 3 A.M. Mel and I were taking separate cabs since she goes home to Mandaluyong and I to Makati. I WAS COMPLETELY SOBER. Not even a bit tipsy.

I remember telling her as we were leaving the club “It’s my first time going home in a cab alone from this club.” Mel was a bit concerned, even offering me to stay over her place for the night.. I told her not to worry, I ALWAYS get home safely.

So we went to get our cabs and I made sure Mel got into her cab first. Then I was looking for a cab who wouldn’t fix the price (you know how it is at The Fort) and there was one who volunteered that he’d use the meter. So I took his offer. I distinctly remember most of the waiting cabs were DAVIS cabs. Mine was not. And I was so damn stupid not to get his taxi’s name and plate number.

In the middle of the ride, I started changing into regular shorts and top. The driver wasn’t looking though but suddenly his hand reached for behind and I was surprised. He was saying, “MAY NAHULOG. Wallet mo ata.” I found a 50 peso bill on the floor. Then he said, “Ang dami mo sigurong pera. Mayaman ka noh?” I didn’t answer. I started getting nervous. I started looking for the cab’s number (which is usually written on the side of the doors). There were faint markings but it couldn’t be understood. The driver noticed my agitation and said, “Anong hinahanap mo? Plate number? Bigay ko sayo.” I was like, “Never mind.” I did NOT want him to know I was getting nervous already. Plus we were so near my house. I thought, what could go wrong?

But something did. Three streets away from my house, the cab driver “hit” a pothole or hump or whatever. He pulled over to the side and said, “Tangina, pano na yan? Na-lock yung steering wheel. Hindi ko maikot.” I was just looking at him, confused. I have no knowledge of cars so I do not know if he was bluffing or not. The meter was 75. I gave him a hundred. He had no change daw so I was like, “Fine, whatever. There’s nothing I can do about it.” I stepped out of the cab, in the middle of Bautista Street, a long street but near my house. It was almost 3 A.M. When I looked back, the cab was gone.


I called my boyfriend up AND THANK GOD HE ANSWERED HIS PHONE. He was sleeping already, good thing the call woke him up. I was trying to remain calm. I told him my dilemma. Suddenly an empty cab drove by. A DIFFERENT ONE. I hailed it. I had probably less than half a kilometer to my house which was three streets away. The cab took me in and I ended the call.

Two more lefts, it was my house already. It was Camalig Street, then Bigasan Street. Suddenly the driver went left, the street just right before my house, Camalig. I said very politely, “Kuya, MALI. Atras ka, atras ka. Sa kabilang street pa. One more left.” The driver just kept driving like he didn’t hear. I said it again. Then he stopped and looked at me. Then he said, “Bayaran mo na.” I was weirded out. I was like, “Why? This is not even my house. It’s on the next street.” Besides, we haven’t traveled far. The meter was still at 30 pesos.

SUDDENLY, without warning, the driver grabbed my neck and jumped to the back. My first thought was, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?”. But his grip was getting tighter and tighter. I literally couldn’t breathe and felt my consciousness slipping. As we were struggling, I kept scratching at his eyes and reaching for the lock of the left door. He was on top of me hitting my head repeatedly while his other hand around my neck. I was choking and choking when I realized the left side HAD NO FUCKING LOCK, which means I couldn’t get out. Which means I had to try my luck on the right side. Imagine my struggle to get to the other side as a full grown, heavyset man kept bashing my head, scratching my face, pulling my hair and hitting me. I kept scratching his eyes. It was all I could do. When his grip loosened a bit, I managed to open the right door with so much effort. Unfortunately he pulled me back with my hair. Imagine MY TERROR as the door closed again!!!!! I couldn’t scream anymore. Besides, who would hear me I was inside a fucking car. My neck was so sore and I was close to fainting. I kept scratching his eyes and reaching for the door until by some miracle, I opened it fully and screamed with what was remaining of my voice.

The driver said something like, “Tangina, it’s not worth it.” And literally kicked me out of the car. I rolled out onto the street with my shoulder bag which was slung around me the whole time with its remaining contents. The driver suddenly sped away. Till now, I don’t know his motive, whether it be rape or hold up. Or both. Or murder.

So there I was in the middle of the street, barefoot. Then I realized why the hell am I so wet?! I realized I was sitting in a pool of my own blood. There was so much blood dripping from the right side of my head, it was like a half-closed faucet if you get what I mean. I started screaming for help.

This time the apartment I was right in front of lights’ went on. Imagine the horror on these people’s faces as I literally crawled towards them bloodied and barefoot. When I reached out to them for help, I saw my arm. It was covered in blood. And I could feel that I was losing so much more. I asked for a cellphone. I still had the consciousness to call my boyfriend. The people who took me in were nice enough to let me call. They talked to LJ and informed him of what happened. They even cleaned me up. Suddenly there was the barangay people and witnesses. That’s when everything became hazy. The barangay people said that they had to take me to the hospital because I was losing so much blood.

I was taken to Makati Medical Center ER. I still remember as I was being loaded onto the wheelchair the horrified looks of the people outside the hospital. I even had a high school batchmate who was assigned as my nurse, Erika Bautista (THANK YOU SO MUCH). In her own words she said that when I came in I looked like I was already in critical condition. I am not exaggerating when I say this: I WAS LITERALLY COVERED IN BLOOD. Head to foot.

Everything was in a daze after that. All I remember was the blood. Under my nails, on my face, on my hair, on my neck, my chest, my legs, my toes. Even my armpits had blood. Truly, I have never seen so much in my whole life. My face started bruising up so much I could see my right cheek even if I look straight ahead. I also had so much hair falling out because the guy kept on pulling it. But what bothered me was the blood that kept dripping continuously from the right side of my head… and the pain. The doctor said the cut was so deep it LOOKS LIKE I WAS STABBED. It was really bad. I wouldn’t stop crying. I hate the sight of blood and here I am, a walking bloody blob. My first medical gown was drenched in blood. So they had to change it. I changed my medical gown four times before I was discharged. That’s how bad the bleeding was.

When LJ arrived the hospital, I forced myself to be cheerful. I smiled and said “HAPPY MONTHSARY!” It was our 2nd monthsary. Geez what a way to spend it. Till now this hurts me, thinking how ironic the situation is. He said the wounds on my head were like the claw marks in the Jurassic Park movie logo. B, no words can express what I feel towards the situation and how grateful I am that you were there. Basta alam mo na yun.

Anyway, after a few hours, I got a CT scan to detect hemorrhages and X-Rays. Good thing it all came out negative. But I had so many wounds and lacerations on my head. They had to STITCH THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY TEMPLE AND ANOTHER ONE AT THE BACK OF MY HEAD. But there are still minor wounds all over my head, even the inside of my ear has blood till now. Till now my hair is all stiff and sticky from the blood. They shampooed my hair in the hospital but a lot of it still haven’t come out. (I woke up today with dried blood on my pillow).

The first time I saw a mirror, I could not believe my eyes. I thought it was just dirt and dried blood but then I realized I had a giant bruise on my right cheek and deep scratches on my face. I got a Wet One but it just won’t come off. I had to face it, my face was really fucked up. My neck had strangle marks, my jaw was swollen, I had two semi-black eyes, my cheeks were patches of black and blue and the abrasions and cuts were deep on my face. I look like the Bride of Chuckie.

After they sutured me, I became delirious for sometime. Not knowing what I was saying to LJ but he said I was acting strange and started rambling about random things that I don’t remember.

The police came and they got the license plate of the cab DAW from the witnesses but they weren’t sure if it’s accurate. We’re still planning an investigation. I lost my school ID, cellphone, cash and camera. The only things that I salvaged from the incident were my shoes, a brush and a dress. They were covered in blood as well. Now, the question is, are the first and second cab incidents related? Is it a Modus Operandi?

Anyway, I’m out of the hospital now. My body is aching all over and my face looks like Pacquiao practiced on it.

The reason why I am writing this note is TO WARN EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU PEOPLE TO BE CAREFUL. I never ever thought such a thing could happen to me. I thought it only happens in the movies. Imagine, I was just a street away from my home and THIS HAPPENED. A STREET AWAY. Thank God I wasn’t drunk, Thank God the guy did not have weapons (I think), Thank God some kind souls helped me. Thank God I had the presence of mind not to remove his hands from my neck but to scratch his eyes out and reach for the lock. Some girls initial defense would be to un-strangle themselves but I didn’t. I let him strangle me. My main objective was to get the damn door open and escape.

The doctor told my boyfriend I was lucky to be alive, before leaving the hospital. As I was struggling inside the taxi, I did not see the whole “your life flashes before you when you’re dying” thingy.

NO. That’s why I fought against him as much as I could. I told myself over and over again, “NOT TODAY… NOT TODAY… This isn’t how I should die. I’m too good for this.”

I SAW the reason why I should keep on living. That’s why I’m still here today.

PXG 725 or PSG 725
White Taxi

Alright, time for me to give my two cents..

Here's the thing: we're not that safe anymore. I'm not saying that we must quit going to these clubs or whatsoever, but the fact is, venturing upon these types of places does not give you the merit of safety, especially with the stories that we're hearing every now and then.

It's a good thing I stopped going to these places. Let's just say that I attuned my sights to other stuff. It's not my thing anymore.

Let me share some pointers for you guys, most notably for the females out there:
1. Before entering a certain venue, take a good look first. It is secure and comfortable enough for everyone? Are all points and exits well lit? Always be prepared to take the exit closest to you.
2. Make a communication plan. Always make it a point to stay in touch with a relative and a friend. Do not wait for trouble to brew in. And do not forget to save a few local emergency numbers to call in. You'll never know what may happen later.
3. React immediately and properly in times of emergency. Stop being idle.
4. Be aware of your alcohol intake. Do not leave your drinks unattended or yet, never accept a drink from a stranger. Mind you, cases of drugging are common in those venues so beware.
5. Avoid walking at night alone. Make it a point to bring two or more friends with you when going to these kinds of places.
6. Get ready for a series of plans for a series of "what ifs..'', like having a safe place nearby to drop in, and the like.
Make sure you have enough credits or load to make a call when riding in a private vehicle or taking a cab. (Secure plate # and cab name written on the door sides. Sms it to a family member or a trusted friend once you are in)
8. Avoid taking such actions once you're under the influence.
9. And lastly, NO MINORS ALLOWED..

Guys, time to be proactive about this. It's about time we do something. Do not be a victim. Be vigilant. Spread this news to all your friends and loved ones.

Points of View...

I don't seem stressed doing my system, doesn't it?

Alright, it's quite a busy week for me. We have to complete our preparations for the upcoming defense two weeks from now, and boy oh boy, it gives me a headache. That's why I'm unable to post anything this past week.

Let me make up for those absences, may I?

Let me share something: A friend of mine commented on a post submitted by a friend of his over Facebook. It was an editorial article, pertaining to the current situation that we Filipinos are dealing with. Being an open-minded individual, he gave his own points regarding that article..

...not until some guy replied back, telling him that he's an idiot.

Knowing my friend, he never gave out a single reply. According to him, it's not worth his time to discuss anything with those types of person.

Let me reiterate the guy's comment: My friend, an idiot? Seriously. Man, are you bitter or something?

Okay, here's my thing:

To quote my friend, "We do not need to put the blame on anybody else for this matter. If we desire to actuate change, then it must begin from our end.." The guy replied back in a matter of seconds, asking him: "Then, it is right to not blame the government for your father's death?" Then minutes later, he changed his comment to a stupid "What an idiot." reply..

Let me pose this question to you Carlo Cielo(yep, it was his name): Who placed these officials upon their current positions in the first place? And did you acted on your own behalf to stop these kinds of actions?

For what it is worth, you don't have to blame anyone else if you're fearful enough to seek the change that you desire. This is the problem with us Filipinos: We continuously put the blame on other people, pointing them responsible for all the madness.

In the end, we'll be responsible for all of it. Perhaps we can redeem all those things through the catalyst that is the 2010 elections..

One more thing: Who calls his own brother an idiot?

That's the reason why we're unable to progress. "Crab mentality" ika nga. We're not that willing to correct our brother in a proper manner, but rather, we insult them.

I can't help but laugh at Jamby Madrigal's attack upon Manny Villar and his campaign style.

She pointed out that it is a direct insult to hire known personalities to do his campaign ads for 30 million pesos..

Seriously.. It's quite funny.. In a sense..

Another factor why we're unable to progress: lack of liberal insight.

Come on, it's just a freaking job in the first place Jamby. To quote Ted Failon in his Hoy Gising days, "Trabaho lang, walang personalan.."

It's a common rationale for these personalities to take a job that's worth paying. Well, they have the power to reject the offer if they find the terms and the job itself objectionable. IMHO, I don't think there's something objectionable in Villar's ads.

Seriously, be open minded people. Time for us to shut this stupid conservatism philosophy over the trash.

I guess that does it for this post. Feel free to give your comments, suggestions and feedbacks through the chatbox or via a reply to this post. Till' then. See ya! :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

After a year-long hiatus...

I'm back! With a vengeance! Ahahahahaha!

Just kidding. :P

Seriously, I'm back, and hopefully, this will be for good. I'm quite busy this past year, with the arrival of Capstone Project and a load of weird subjects. Well, that goes with the saying, "If you can't handle the current, then drown yourself.."

Now that I'm back, I'm planning to change my blog's format. Instead of focusing solely on gadget reviews and all that stuff, I'll be sharing to you guys some tidbits, tips and experiences fr. my own regarding... yep... PHOTOGRAPHY..

It became my foremost passion during my year-long hiatus here in Blogger, and it changed me big-time: perspective and personality wise. Not to mention using up a huge load of my money for that hobby, errr...

Alright then, feel free to drop your comments, suggestions or anything in the chatbox. I'll see you guys tomorrow here in the blogosphere! Shitsurei shimasu minna-san! :)