Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Happens If A Huge Quake Strikes Down The Metro?

A couple of days back, DPWH made a thorough assessment of Metro Manila following the earthquake/tsunami last Friday at Japan to see how RP would fare in the event of such a disaster.

To tell you, the results aren't good to hear. Lemme give a quick rundown on their study.

Here are the possible casualties that might be brought by a 7.5 magnitude-strong quake impact:
  • 30M filipinos would be homeless, with millions of pesos in terms of structural casualties(roads, buildings, homes, etc.)
  • 400 water supply points would be cut, due to severe damage on pipelines
  • Communication cables cut, causing imminent difficulties that may last for weeks if not months
  • Power lines/posts damaged, immediately bringing power shortage to the entire metropolis
  • 9 bridges would collapse, transportation difficulties would occur
  • Vital facilities would receive damage following the impact. These include schools, fire departments, govt. agencies key offices and the like, which might result in a non-functioning goverment
(Source: 92.3 News FM, as read by Cherry Mercado)

Disturbing, they are. But we have to accept the fact that with RP's location within the perimeters of the pacific plate and a fault line endangering the rest of the metro & its neighboring provinces, a huge quake similar to what we saw last week at Japan, is bound or more likely to come in the future. These facts are not released to create panic, but rather to educate all of us in preparing ourselves against such disasters.

As the old adage says, an ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure.

Pray. It works.

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