Monday, February 8, 2010

Points of View...

I don't seem stressed doing my system, doesn't it?

Alright, it's quite a busy week for me. We have to complete our preparations for the upcoming defense two weeks from now, and boy oh boy, it gives me a headache. That's why I'm unable to post anything this past week.

Let me make up for those absences, may I?

Let me share something: A friend of mine commented on a post submitted by a friend of his over Facebook. It was an editorial article, pertaining to the current situation that we Filipinos are dealing with. Being an open-minded individual, he gave his own points regarding that article..

...not until some guy replied back, telling him that he's an idiot.

Knowing my friend, he never gave out a single reply. According to him, it's not worth his time to discuss anything with those types of person.

Let me reiterate the guy's comment: My friend, an idiot? Seriously. Man, are you bitter or something?

Okay, here's my thing:

To quote my friend, "We do not need to put the blame on anybody else for this matter. If we desire to actuate change, then it must begin from our end.." The guy replied back in a matter of seconds, asking him: "Then, it is right to not blame the government for your father's death?" Then minutes later, he changed his comment to a stupid "What an idiot." reply..

Let me pose this question to you Carlo Cielo(yep, it was his name): Who placed these officials upon their current positions in the first place? And did you acted on your own behalf to stop these kinds of actions?

For what it is worth, you don't have to blame anyone else if you're fearful enough to seek the change that you desire. This is the problem with us Filipinos: We continuously put the blame on other people, pointing them responsible for all the madness.

In the end, we'll be responsible for all of it. Perhaps we can redeem all those things through the catalyst that is the 2010 elections..

One more thing: Who calls his own brother an idiot?

That's the reason why we're unable to progress. "Crab mentality" ika nga. We're not that willing to correct our brother in a proper manner, but rather, we insult them.

I can't help but laugh at Jamby Madrigal's attack upon Manny Villar and his campaign style.

She pointed out that it is a direct insult to hire known personalities to do his campaign ads for 30 million pesos..

Seriously.. It's quite funny.. In a sense..

Another factor why we're unable to progress: lack of liberal insight.

Come on, it's just a freaking job in the first place Jamby. To quote Ted Failon in his Hoy Gising days, "Trabaho lang, walang personalan.."

It's a common rationale for these personalities to take a job that's worth paying. Well, they have the power to reject the offer if they find the terms and the job itself objectionable. IMHO, I don't think there's something objectionable in Villar's ads.

Seriously, be open minded people. Time for us to shut this stupid conservatism philosophy over the trash.

I guess that does it for this post. Feel free to give your comments, suggestions and feedbacks through the chatbox or via a reply to this post. Till' then. See ya! :)

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