Saturday, January 30, 2010

After a year-long hiatus...

I'm back! With a vengeance! Ahahahahaha!

Just kidding. :P

Seriously, I'm back, and hopefully, this will be for good. I'm quite busy this past year, with the arrival of Capstone Project and a load of weird subjects. Well, that goes with the saying, "If you can't handle the current, then drown yourself.."

Now that I'm back, I'm planning to change my blog's format. Instead of focusing solely on gadget reviews and all that stuff, I'll be sharing to you guys some tidbits, tips and experiences fr. my own regarding... yep... PHOTOGRAPHY..

It became my foremost passion during my year-long hiatus here in Blogger, and it changed me big-time: perspective and personality wise. Not to mention using up a huge load of my money for that hobby, errr...

Alright then, feel free to drop your comments, suggestions or anything in the chatbox. I'll see you guys tomorrow here in the blogosphere! Shitsurei shimasu minna-san! :)


  1. Hey! Musta Mel? Tagal mo nawala ah :D

  2. Thanks po sa payo Gusto ko talaga matuto maging photographer Sana makakuha ako ng mga tips sayo ulit Salamat Ulit

  3. @Lord CM: I'm fine. Perfectly fine. :)

    @Pretzel: No worries! Actually, di naman talaga ako expert. I'm also a newcomer in this field. Just like what this cliche says: "We all learn from one another." :)