Sunday, April 26, 2009

8 Things about Melissa :)

Since I'm tagged by Lord CM, today's post will center on his tag, haha! :)

8 Things:

To Look Forward To:
1. The start of the first semester of my Third Year in college, haha!
2. The release of the home version of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Yep, I'm a Tekken fan and believe me, I can beat you in a pulp, haha!
3. The conclusion of the playoffs, haha! I wanna know if Cleveland would make it. :)
4. Seeing Puffy :)
5. Being with my 4k and close friends as well as close classmates and batchmates :)
6. Gimmicking
7. The David VS David concert
8. Having new clothes :)

What did I do yesterday?
1. Woke up at 6 am for the mass.
2. Attended the mass with my family. :)
3. Drove to ATC with my family for a Sunday lunch date.
4. Watched a movie with them, did a little shopping while foodtripping. :)
5. Fixed my things.
6. Cooked up dinner for my family. (Yup, I insisted on doing so, and luckily they liked my cooking.)
7. Surfed on the net.
8. Watched TV and slept sweetly. :)

I wish I could do these things:
1. Be with my Puffy everyday, haha!
2. Be a Tekken 6: BR Champion, or at least a gaming champion of sorts.
3. Become an artist, a VJ or a DJ. :)
4. Be able to travel the entire world.
5. Become something larger than life, but hell, that would never happen..
6. Be able to have that fairy tale ending.
7. Be able to travel through time.
8. Kiss him. :)

Shows that I watch:
1. Smallville (Simply the best..)
2. Gossip Girl
3. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (God, he's funny!)
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Prison Break
6. Zorro? Haha... It's interesting though.
7. American Idol
8. If bored, some cartoons/anime shows can do, haha!

People that I Tag:
1. Yuri
2. Ian
3. Yza
4. crisiboy
5. junks
6. Saul Krisna
7. soberfruitcake
8. reigun manik

Supposedly, I was about to post it yesterday, but due to some internet problems, I was hindered to do that. Well, enjoy my eight things! :)


  1. Ayun Oh...salamat sa paggawa :)

    At hindi pa rin nakalimutan ang Tekken, hehehe adik ka na rin sa game na yan no lolzz

  2. @Lord CM:
    Haha! Tekken Addict tlaga ako eh! =P