Wednesday, April 1, 2009

8:38 pm...

Still sleepy.. 5:54 pm

Current Mood: Just Fine... :)
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Good evening everyone! Well, I can say that I'm relatively happy today. Let's just say that someone made me smile that much. Actually, I can't even bear this feeling easily. My mom noticed my smile earlier and asked me, "Hey sweetie, parang alam ko na kung bakit ka nakasmile ah.."(Hey sweetie, looks like I have an idea why you're smiling a lot today.)

Well, I guess it's pretty obvious who's the reason behind this smile of mine.

Anyway, I've read this blog entitled Perspektib. It's quite interesting. Its owner gives logical insights on some issues as well as being a proud advocate of the Filipino Bloggers. Kudos to its owner, Marlon(Am I right about your name? Hope I am..). That made me more motivated to post interesting things in my blog and be proud of this Three Stars and A Sun. :)

Moving on, I've had my own fair share of pranks today. Like for instance, my close friend Hannah texted me saying that she's 3 months preggy. I was entirely shocked by her news, only to laugh out loud after receiving a reply from her that says "April Fools!"

So much for pranks. Even Puffy sent me one. It's quite peculiar that I am not receiving Mapua pranks today, haha!

Thank you so much for those readers who are sending their ideas about my future blogposts. Don't you worry though, I'll try to post about some of them within this week.

For more updates, you can follow my blog or subscribe to my feeds. Till' tomorrow, ciao!


  1. =)

    Thanks Puff...

    for making me smile....

  2. I think it's my first time here..I followed the link just to check because I noticed you just followed my blog so wanted to thank you but i am even more surprised that you actually mentioned my blog on this post. Thanks a lot and I'm glad you find it interesting. I've been looking around, you've got some interesting things here as well. I noticed that you too have that article about Chip Tsao...See you around,

    P.s. Yup, You got my name right.

  3. Oh yeah?!!!Ganda naman ng smile na yan :)

  4. maganda ka pa rin naman kahit bagong gising. :)

  5. @Marlon:

    Thanks.. :)


    Haha.. Inspired ako yesterday eh. :) Kahit sleepy, haha!


    Thanks for following!

  6. Inspired :) ...

    Nga pala, kunin mo rin ung Uber Amazing Award, kasama ka sa binibigyan ko nun... :)

  7. @ Lord CM:

    Yah, I got that already. Thanks!