Friday, April 17, 2009

Techie News: New variant of the Conficker Virus found

Researchers discovered a new variant of the Conficker worm whose mission is to cash in on unsuspecting PC users. Sophos said Conficker is spreading and urged users to secure PCs against all threats, not just Conficker.

The scareware is called Spyware Protect 2009. The program displays a pop-up message that tells a victim the computer is infected and says software is available to remove the fake antivirus program for $49.95.

The victim is then sent to a fake Web site to enter credit-card information.


My Note: Not again. So much for this dreaded Conficker Virus. So far, I believe this is the most destructive of all computer threats, due to the damage that it can deliver to your system, and to your bank account.

I believe there's a program that you can download in wherein it enables the system to remove the Conficker virus and safeguard the system from it somehow. However, I can conclude that it depends on the user whether he'll lose his guard off to allow this threat or be vigilant enough when exoloring the net world.

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