Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Monday

Summer vacation may not be entirely over but the season's atmosphere itself is gone. I guess we need to prepare ourselves for rain, especially with this crazy global warming thingy complicating the climate's flow.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about that, haha!

Early this morning I listened to Goodtimes with Mo on Magic 89.9. With Mo back on deck, things sure got into a naughty pitstop, haha! What caught my attention was when they discussed how we behave when we're sorry for something.

To quote Dj Mo, "God, we're like goddamn babies when we say sorry.."

To tell you frankly, it was true enough. We suddenly behave quite sore and awful when we apologize to somebody.

I think it is a tendency already, or perhaps something that is humane: to act sore and humble ourselves in order for the person we've done something wrong to forgive us. Probably the baby act is an add-on to further quicken up the process. Sometimes, that act becomes so irritating we just want to ask the person, "Geez, are you really into this apology of yours?"

True enough, isn't it?

Oh well...

One time, I was walking across Recto when a certain scenario caught my attention, springing me upfront with my camera to take a picture.

I just felt sorry for the man. He's quite powerless to stand up and face life's obstacles, plus the fact that people seem to avoid noticing him, further paining him inside.

I can feel his pain when I took this picture.

Without hesitation, I gave him my spare biscuits and left slowly. I stared to him at a moment, and continued to walk on.

This is something that we can't just eliminate easily: POVERTY.

As most humanists view, there will always be have nots and the haves, as long as this inequality and conflicting system exists within our society. It is a stigma that would take some time, or probably eternity, to be solved completely.

But then again, I always believe that this world will someday become a complete utopia: a world where pain and suffering doesn't exist and peace looms within mankind.

If and only if...

Alright, so much for that. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm getting more hits lately than before, so thank you. For more updates, please subscribe to my feeds or follow my blog. :)


  1. Hai...Mellisa....nice to know you :) I'm sure that you're a good girl after reading your post :) the man must be glad having some biscuits from you...

  2. @Zen:
    Probably.. I hope so.. Hai.. Anyway, thanks for reading my post. :)