Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Note: The Helium Club

Since Sunday, I've been hearing fuss about this new "reality drama" series in Facebook entitled The Helium Club.

As the title and the logo suggests, this show depicts the other side of Manila's socialites and their perspectives/viewpoints in life. If I'm not mistaken, this was started as a film project by some students from La Salle, choosing the socialite life as a theme.

I've seen its trailer, and to be honest, it was too surreal to be called a reality drama as such, as pinpointed by Mojo Jojo at Goodtimes yesterday.

I don't want to bash off this show nor to say that it totally sucks, but the fact is, it represents a false reality about these socialites. It turns out that most of them were just plain existent in a materialistic world, and that everything revolves on branded stuff, money and fame, which is quite unrealistic. It doesn't represent a part of the actual microcosm of the society, giving the socialite community a bad name. However, its redeeming value can only be perceived within the side storylines of these aspiring dj and singer characters. It's quite relative to reality in contrast to the actual storyline which involves most of its "socialite" cast.

How about you? Have you seen this show already? What can you say about The Helium Club?

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