Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rainy Tuesday..

If there's rain, you have no choice but to be vain, haha!

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A rainy evening everyone!

Yep, looks like finally, it's time for us to get our hats off for dear summer and welcome La Nina once again. Hai, so much for the rain I guess.

Since I have nothing to do today, I slept too much and went vain with myself in some instances, haha! I can't help but to be a little bit narcisstic of myself.

I have a lot of things to talk about in this post. So, let us begin shall we?

Let's talk about traffic.

As you see, traffic's a pain in the ass lately these days, especially with the offices/workers springing upfront for work, the Lenten break over and with the rain rather complicating things up.

Well, there's more to life than those reasons I guess.

It's an issue that probably we can't just solve that quickly. There's an old joke that says: "If you've been coded and jammed across the heavy traffic, definitely you're a Filipino."

Yeah, true.

Anyway, what made me talk about traffic? It's just that I found something very interesting on the net. In my hands is the Top 20 list of the worst cities in the world with paining traffic jams. Definitely you'll agree with the list.

Here we go:

1. Tokyo
2. Los Angeles
3. Sao Paolo
4. Bangkok
5. Moscow
6. Shanghai
7. Mumbai
8. Mexico City
9. New York
10. Seoul
11. Chicago
12. Manila, Philippines
13. London
14. Jakarta
15. Osaka
16. Venezuela
17. Athens
18. Auckland (in New Zealand)
19. Rio de Janeiro
20. Kathmandu

Agreeable, isn't it? And yeah, Manila deserved to be a part of the list. Actually, it deserves to be in the Top 5. Why? Let me give our issues that most countries in that list doesn't have:

1. Poor Urban Planning and congestion. Currently, we are suffering a variety of problems because of that.
2. Crazy and inappropriate traffic/motorist rules and laws. Yup, we gotta screw MMDA for that. Furthermore, in some ways, these rules could create hassles on road, eventually causing traffic.
3. Population Boom. Yep. As population increases, the number of vehicles follow. It's like a package deal.
4. Road extensions. Hope it helps.. But it doesn't... As of now, I guess.
5. Poor traffic system.

There you go. If only the public eye will open their sights on this and work together in order to solve this problem.

I guess that'll be an ardous task to handle.
Someone sent me an email regarding my blog. I can assume that he's a Pinoy blogger. Let me share a notable excerpt from the message:

"You're a Filipino right? Then why you're not using your own native language in your posts? Are you ashamed of our own blood?"

Hey buddy, you got me wrong there. I am more than just proud of being a Filipino. It's just that I am using the English language as my medium in order to open my simple journal not just on Filipinos, but on other countries' bloggers as well. As I've mentioned in one of my previous posts, blogging is essentially made for making bonds with people. regardless of race and kind. So if you're blind on that purpose mister, you might as well quit blogging, isn't it?

Oh well.... Maling mali ka dun, kuya.. (You've mistaken big time brother.)

So, that's it for today's post. Hope you'll continue reading my blog. Till' then, this is your Techie Princess Melissa signing off. :)


  1. great points.
    "1. Poor Urban Planning and congestion."

    ..you've hit the spot right there.

    traffic sucks, pollution increases, man-hours lost, precious time gone,argh!

    sana more initiative ang mga LGU's regarding sa city planning at hindi lang sa pagpapapogi sa mga poster at tarpaulin na bumabati ng "happy graduation from konsehal epal"..


  2. @me:
    Yep, exactly! To quote Dj Mojo of Goodtimes, "Instead of putting huge billboards of these corrupt and ugly politicians, why don't we fix these urban issues instead and use the billboards' expenses on those?"

    Well, I suppose it'll take a while for the gov. to solve this one.

  3. Hala!!!May away!!! lolzzz..

    Sabi nga nila, english man o tagalog basta may sense ung sinusulat mo walang problema dun...saka blog mo to eh!!!gusto nya gawa sya ng blog nya nyahaha

    Traffic? wala ako masabi :D

  4. tumpak! +5 direct to the card.nyays...

    one rison y pinas is stil in 3rd world country mbagal ang kalakalan dhil sa trapik. mbgal ang trnsportasyon.

    khit mdmi batikos kay GMA saludo prin ako sakanya. mdmi siya napagawa infrastrcture like nlex n slex, and lots of roads n highways.

    marahil mdami ang kokontra pro un lamang po ay aking opinion.

  5. @Lord CM:
    Haha.. Don't mind it na lang poh kuya.. He's not worth it..

    @Hari ng Sablay:
    Thanks.. Hmm, probably..