Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fastfood Reality

Just moments ago, I found this blog site entitled This blog site is quite entertaining, featuring some "viral" topics ranging from the bizaare to the peculiar.

One interesting blog post was this article entitled "Fastfood Reality." It shows pictures of some fastfoods' products the way they were advertised on magazines and their real appearances when served. It's pretty a good read. It's basically about consumer reality- giving you an idea whether these companies are deceiving you with their services and products.

I think it'll be a pretty good idea if we try this one. Let's feature some products' pictures as they were advertised on most mediums and their pictures/video showing how they really look or function in real life. Sounds interesting? Yup, it does. Maybe I'll do that one of these days.

Here's the link:

Here's a sample excerpt of the post:

8. KFC Famous Bowl





  1. hahaha, dami ngang ganyan..kala mo ang sarap dahil ang ganda ng mga advertisement nila...un pala, walang kalasa lasa lolzz

    Nga pala, kelangan ko tulong mo, nasa pahina ko ung details ng tag..Asahan kita ah :)

  2. wow, ansarap ng nsa ad!

    pero pag gutom na, wala na care, chow na! hehe

  3. haha.try kya naten yan.hhmmm..interesting..hehe