Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Good evening dear bloggers! It's a fine day for me, given the fact that I was able to hang out by myself without being hindered by the rain. Yep, it's a fine cloudy day in Manila, and a good day to do your usual gimmicks. :)

And as you see, I've cut my hair short. Wala lang, just for the sake of trying new things, and a new look as well. So far, I love how I look right now. It's quite refreshing you know.

I also bought a new phone- a Nokia N96. Yep, and it's all from my savings- from my allowances to my 1-month work stint. I guess it makes you feel glad whenever your efforts bring you good fruit.

Let's discuss something here in this post:

When must a gentleman throw a punch?

I'm just curious with that idea. I know, it's a guy thing but perhaps girls like myself need to have our dibs on it, don't you think?

So I'm asking everyone: When must a guy throw a punch?

I have my own thoughts on that but I guess we need to leave it up on your hands, so that we'll be able to talk about something here in Princess Journal.

Summer's end is approaching too fast. I guess I have to make full use of this summer vacation's remaining days prior to my 1st semester as a Third Year Bedan.

Time indeed passes out so fast you can barely notice the changes around you. Thing is, most of us hate it. We hate growing up, and we hate letting go of the moment that we are into.

You might just ask- why am I talking about these things? Let's just say that I've realized some things about summer.

To be factual enough, I'm loving it whenever summer comes. It's that season of the year wherein you're able to unwind yourself from all these stresses and rejuvenate yourself while enjoying the heat with everyone.

However, there's a sad tone deep in it. I don't want to sound pessimistic, but somehow it's saddening to have this summer thing. Have it this way: whenever a summer season arrives, it brings you the eventual fact that your life's nearing its finish line.

I know, I know. It's not right to think about that idea but the thing is, it's inevitable.

Think about it: whenever summer comes, you have to accept the fact that you have n summers left to enjoy given the average life span that a person has. Because of that simple aspect, you are left to face with the idea of enjoying those remaining summers to the fullest without minding the sad thing about it.

Alright, enough with that. Let's look at the bright side, we are still here enjoying how hot and humid summer can be, haha! Things might get worse any minute but come to think of it, we need to think how lucky we are knowing that we are still breathing and enjoying our dear lives.

That just proves the old adage: "Life isn't meant to be serious."


Thankies everyone for visiting my blog. Till' tomorrow, bye!

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  1. when must a gentleman throw a punch?
    after avoiding another gentleman's punch at him.hehe.