Sunday, April 5, 2009


Joseph, me and Klarisse during our mini reunion last Friday

A good day dear bloggers! I just got home moments ago. Today is Palm Sunday, and my parents made it a point to treat all of us after hearing the mass. And today is an exception: LA's with us. The two of us bonded earlier, catching up with each other. And oh, we've had a great time.

It's kind of irritating to know that most people hear mass during occasions like these. Besides, an hour willingly kept for HIM won't hurt, right?

Anyway, let's not delve into that topic, haha!

Last Friday was awesome. It's great to see my high school batchmates once more. I missed them badly. It was cool to see how they've changed after these 2 years. We went to MoA that evening and spent our time foodtripping, taking pictures, gimmicking and the like. It was pretty cool. Sayang nga lang and we're not all complete during that evening, but nonetheless, it was all great.

Yesterday was a bore. Supposedly, me, Yuri, Ian, Hannah and Kuya Matt will go at MoA to play Tekken BR and have some drinks at Redbox, but due to the rain, we were unable to do so. Sigh. I was doomed once more to spend the rest of the day in deep boredom. Well, there's always next time, isn't it?

I'm ending my post here. Till' tomorrow! And oh, before you logout, make sure you'll follow my blog or subscribe to my feeds for updates.

Ciao! Melissa IS LOVE signing off. :)

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