Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mellow Wednesday...

I love my new look. :)

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Hello everyone! As you see, it's raining like frenzy again, as opposed to the fine cloudy weather that we've had yesterday. Well, I guess that helped a lot in nurturing my nostalgic mood for this day, haha!

So much for my short hair, haha! My Twitter friends asked me about this new look of mine and why I decided on cutting my hair like this. I just replied, "Don't you love it when things are new?"

For the record people, I'm lovin' how I look right now. :)

You might wonder: why the title of this post is Mellow Wednesday? Well, let's just say that I've had a ton of realizations and nostalgic rundowns today. Shall we discuss some of those?

My Puffy Yuri shared something with me about his female best friend. He told me that she's downright depressed, and that she's feeling so much hopeless because of her recent breakup with her boyfriend.

Thinking (probably) that I can be trusted, he shared to me the whole story about it. Her boyfriend, according to her, was pretty much unable to hold on with her mood swings, plus her assumption that after all, he did not loved her at all. She told him that he was the one who initiated the breakup. He sounded glad pa daw in his own part according to her. Another thing is, he told me about those pivotal moments that his best friend shared with him: the times wherein her boyfriend hurt her the most.

To sum it all up, her best friend was given a false promise by his boyfriend.

I suddenly felt sorry for her. I mean, my own breakup with Rei pales in comparison with this one. It was a cruel breakup. No proper closure occurred between the two of them. It was so wrong.

I know I've got no dibs about her best friend, but the thing is I'm also a girl, and I've felt how much pain she endures as of late.

So much for fake promises. I hate it whenever somebody doesn't have the guts to fulfill his/her promise. I'll understand if he/she has a proper reason to validate it but the fact is, why do you have to give a promise if you couldn't fulfill that anyway? Yah, you got me. I really DO believe in promises.

What irates me is the fact that her boyfriend's numb enough to see how she feels right now and how much she felt for him. Instead of returning the favor, he replied with ample insecurities, lies and the like.

I always believe in this three-way rule:
1. Once is enough. You've just been tempted/too assuming, I'll forgive you.
2. Twice is too much. I know you've realized how much you've made it hard/learned your lesson. I'll stiil acknowledge you.
3. Seriously? Stop fooling around mister. Get the f*** out of my life.

Tolerance is the answer. We must learn the act of forgiving and tolerating what is must. We don't need to act on impulse or emotion and forgive somebody right away. We must let self-respect exist within us, and realize that we deserve to be released from this cage of pain and be happy enough. I guess it's time we let go of that certain stupidity and tell him, "Hey, I'm done with all this crap."

The way I see it, due to her pain right now, she was unable to let go of the pain slowly and actuate the third step above. It wasn't easy for her I guess, and I understand that. I just hope that she'll be able to stand up above all these and finally move on, after all and that.

Of course, the best way through all these, is PRAYER. I'm pretty sure HE knows what is best for you.

Goodluck, Yuri's Buddy!

I have 2 years left to pursue in my college life, yey! Yup, everything's nearing at its eventual conclusion. It made me wonder what the future's in store for me. Probably, it'll be all good, but still we can't just presume that easily. Life is a road full of twists and turns. You'll never know how it'll all wind up for you.

Fact is, I'm not getting any younger. We don't need to sit back, relax so much and say, "Nah, it's too early for me to worry about that." Have it this way: as we enter this slow transition from youth to early adulthood, we are slowly being given responsibilities that we need to carry out and fulfill prior to attaining early adulthood. Most of those responsibilities connect to that of our goals. That is why we need to be aware enough of those tasks in order to secure a seat within that eventual finish life after youth/college. It's all quite relative.

Let us also be aware of the fact that everything relies on NOW. Again, we have no idea how it'll all wind up tomorrow, the next day, and so forth. We need to act now and be sure enough of what we do want in life. There's no tomorrow for that one, rather the time for that is NOW. We're not small kids anymore to just play around and sit back while watching how the adults do their thing. We are slowly nearing that same stage, and if we just stop on moving forward, I'm afraid it'll be all over for you.

Best of luck to my 2 remaining years as a Bedan. :)

That's it for today. Hope you'll continue following my blog. This is Melissa signing off. Bye!


  1. New look nga :)

    Well,matuto lang nman tayong tanggapin na ang lahat ng bagay ay hindi permanente..lahat ng bagay nagbabago kahit pagmamahal, un nga lang sana wala na lang pangako, gawin n lang para walang umaasa at nasasaktan...

    Aga ng pag iisip mo para sa future mo ah?!!! Hehehe , nung ako nasa edad mo, 3rd year college, ayun...may chikiting na ako...hirap nga lang mag aral habang may alaga kang bata...pero masarap na rin lolzz

    Enjoy lang ang pagiging estudyante, kasabay nun eh mangarap ka na rin...ibibigay naman Nya kung para sayo talaga eh...

  2. @Lord CM:
    Yep, ur right about that! :)

    Hmm, let's just say na dapat maging prepared na tau that soon for tomorrow, pero syempre di mwwla ung fact na dapat ka mag-enjoy still. :)

    Oh.. Early dad k pla..