Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Odd News: Cereal box phoneline typo sends customers to a phone sex line

This one's funny. Imagine yourself calling Nestle for some inquiries with regards to the cereal that you've been eating. After the opposite line takes your call, you'll be surprised to hear a moaning lady seducing you out. :)

Yup, that happened to a lot of customers at US. Here, check this odd news out:


HALFWAY, Md. – An Oregon company has ordered new packaging for its Peace Cereal after a typo on the box sent callers to a phone sex line instead of the cereal maker's 800 number. Instead of reaching Golden Temple of Oregon, callers were greeted by a recorded voice asking, "Do you love sex? ... Isn't that why you called?"

Spokeswoman Elissa Brown said Eugene, Ore.-based Golden Temple ordered new packaging when the mistake was discovered in December and new boxes have been shipping out for weeks.

However, 13 varieties of the cereal were on shelves Wednesday at one Halfway, Md., grocery store, including seven varieties in boxes bearing the incorrect telephone number.


It's quite noticeable: We have a myriad of odd tidbits this week, isn't it? Maybe because it just so happened that the April Fools Day occurred this week, haha!

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