Sunday, April 19, 2009


Guess whose backs are these? Haha!

Date: April 19, 2009 - April10,2009(4:00 am)
Location: Splash Island

Obviously, I wasn't around yesterday. It's because me and my close friends, including some of Yuri's relatives went to Splash Island for a little wee bonding and summer tripping. It was a good thing that we reserved our slots there two days earlier, or else we might suffer some hassles upon our arrival.

Actually, our original plan was for us to go to Splash early in the morning, but due to some inconveniences with regards to the van that we used, we left at exactly 12 pm.

It was great being with my friends. We were like crazy. It's awesome. We stayed up late up to the wee hours of the morning doing nothing but catching up with each other, while having these crazy stuff that we usually do when we're together.

I'll never forget my experience at Splash. It's the best summer trip I've ever had.

Sorry, can't help being vain, haha! :)


  1. Syet!!sarap mag outing, lalo't summer :)

  2. hmm..panahon ng outing..kakainggit naman..hehe

  3. @Lord CM:
    Yup2, msrap mg-outing. It's a good thing hindi ntapat this day ung outing namin. It's raining hard kasi.

    @Jeuskee:(am I ryt? Haha!)
    Haha.. :D Msrap din mg-unwind minsan.

  4. napapasyet ka ata pareng LOrdcm ah....lolz...

    ayus sa olrayt ang samahan ng tropa a....Good time para mag bonding....


  5. @PaJay:
    Yup, it's really fun when you unwind with your close friends. Nakakawala ng iniicp. :)


  6. wet n cold sa pool in a summer day= sarap! ^_^