Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why am I Blogging?

Puffy took this pic last Monday

Why am I blogging?

That question started bugging up my head after reading Lord CM's blog post about his reasons for being a part of the blogosphere. Of course, all of us have our reasons for initiating ourselves as members of the blogger community. You wouldn't create a blog in the first place if you don't have a proper motivation for it. There would always be a reason or purpose for these things.


Logical enough, isn't it?

So why am I here on Blogger in the first place?

1. I just want people to know a different side of me. People kasi view me as an ordinary girl-next-door who's a looker. I want people to see the smart head and opinionated Melissa inside of me, not that Melissa who's known by people because of her looks and talents as a student. I want to be viewed differently. I just want to show you who I am. Whether you hate it or not, you're gonna get a piece of the real Melissa.

2. It would be totally boring isn't it if you keep some new stuffs that you have discovered, seen or have for yourself. It'll be wonderful if you get to share it with other people and know their reactions about it. Let's just say that I love having interesting discussions with people. It helps me learn more about things apart from what I know. Blogging is essentially a two-way experience: you share things with other people while you read and learn new stuff from them.

3. This blog will be a perfect avenue for me to put my own interests to use. As you all know, I'm a techie girl, and it'll be senseless if I'll be unable to express that characteristic of mine into something.

4. Aside from all that, my friend Yuri inspired me to start up Princess Journal, telling me that it'll be great if I'll have a journal wherein I'll be able to post up sorts of stuff that I'm interested into. He even gave the name of this blog. Thanks to you Puffy! :)

5. I want to meet new people and make friends with them. I think that's the most relative purpose of blogging: to have friends and bond with them in a different way.

Actually, I can call myself a true blue blogger right now. I deleted my friendster account due to the fact that I've loaded up all of my time into this one, plus the fact that this humble journal of mine gave me a reason to stay online even further and become a part of it as well. It is my life, something that I'll keep for myself forever.

And I think that's what counts the most for a blogger like me. :)


  1. Hehehe :D naalala ko friendster ko, di ko na naa-update ng dahil na adik na ako sa blog...trip ko na ring i-delete eh..kaso baka kailanganin ko pa ung mga nasa friends list ko...

    Unang bisita ko dito, nagulat ako bigla may programming na article...balik ako sa pix mo eh, sabay tanong "nasa IT sya?!!!" ... lolzz, wala kasi sa hitsura mo na papasok ka ng IT :)

    Tuloy lang ang pagsusulat, marami pang pangyayaring di mo inaasahan na makakapagpasaya sayo dahil lang dito :)

  2. hi! na add na kita sa list ko :) dito ko na lang nilagay kase ndi ko makita cbox mo. sabi ni CM gusto mo daw makipag prob saken yun!

    nagtataka lang ako...ilang taon ka na ba? kase parang ambata mo pa. nagtatrabaho knb? nasa pinas kba? senxa na ha.. dami kong tanong. kase napatingin ako sa pikshur mo...mukha kang artista! hehehe...

    chat na lang tayo :) kung gusto mo...

    btw, im jee... :) bisitahin mo nalang ako sa aking peyds...

  3. @Lord CM:
    Thanks! Di tlga obvious na IT kinukuha ko now nuh? Hehe... I'm a techie girl tlga eh. :)

    Thanks! I'm here in the Phil. Student pa lang ako, studying IT. :)

  4. nice site. tambay ka mnsan sa site ko. tnx2. apir!

  5. Di nga halata :) ... si Jee nga pala, Adik din hehehe sa blog

  6. nga pala, try mo maglagay ng CBOX, para madali mag message :)

  7. ai adik nga tlga ako CM! kaya pati trabaho ko ndi ko na nagagawa dahil sa kaka-blog ko! hahahaha!!

    magiging adik na din yan si melissa soon! joke! hehehehe!! anong nickname mo? kase nahahabaan ako sa melissa e! pde bang mel nalang? nyahahhaha!!

  8. Toinks!!Gawin bang chat room ang comment box ni Melissa :D

  9. this is great! i can relate to this. before, i was very hesistant to blog, but it is just therapeutic in one way or another.

    keep it up! ^_^

  10. LORD! extension ba to ng dungeon mo?...lolz.....

    binabati kita sa desisyun mong iwan na ang FS mo...hehehe....eksayted akong mabasa sa pahina mo ang binanggit mong piece of you...kitakits dito lang sa blogosperyo!...

  11. Haha... So chatbox pla ang comment space n ito, haha! Thanks sa mga ngcocomment.:)

    Yah, pwdeng Mel na lang. :)

    @Lord CM:
    Yup, I'm nearing blog addiction na, haha!

    @Hari ng Sablay:

    Thank you as well!

    Thanks! Yup, you better look forward to it!

  12. wow ako'y dumaan lang at napadpad ako sa magandang tahanan mo dito sa mundo ng blogsphere.... hahahaha hindi ka maniniwala pero nakita ko ang FS mo a year ago at nag send ako ng friend request sa iyo pero you turned it down... hahahahah... tama yan at mag BLOG ka lang ng mag BLOG.... masaya ako at nakita kong nag susulat ka din pala.... you know what? magaling kang mag sulat... IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @Saul Krisna:
    Really? Can't remember. Nonetheless, thanks poh. :)