Monday, May 25, 2009

Yesh! I'm much better right now!

Yep, I'm better than ever!

Good evening folks! Yep, I am now fully recovered from my previous fever this week. Thank you so much for those who are sending their tweets and messages to me. It helped a lot. Thankies! :)

Since I am much better now, I decided to stroll and drive a little bit at Alabang. God, I never felt better than before!

Let's talk about some things, shall we?

On NBA, the Cavs received their second loss in the Eastern Conference Finals after the Orlando Magic demolished the former with a strong 10-point lead, demoralizing Cleveland's heroes in the process. Varejao and Ilgauskas of Cleveland were fouled out successively during the last quarter of the game, further placing the Cavs in a difficult predicament. Orlando meanwhile, utilized the power of their fans and the Cavs' reliance on Lebron James to deliver their spot-on plays during the game, immobilizing Lebron and his boys to render a lead.

Sad to say, Lebron's 41 points in the basket did not hinder the Magic from their rampage.

Most notable key players from the Magic during that game include Hedo Turkoglu, who delivered placement shots and impressive plays, Dwight Howard, who proved his strength in both the zones of the court, and Rashard Lewis, who showed the Cavs that he is also a threat to reckon with.

The final score is 89-99.

I reflected earlier this morning about some things, including the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili scandal, since a lot of my friends were discussing about it. To tell you the truth, I am so dead tired of this scandal, due to the fact that it is being talked upon everywhere- literally.

I hope that this would be the last time that I'll be doing my take about that issue here in my blog.

Here are some points or rather, realizations regarding that issue:
1. Somehow, Katrina Halili should blame herself. She brought it upon herself. She was not mindful of the consequences that she might face because of her actions, plus the fact that she dismissed the idea that she is a public figure.
2. Dra. Vicky Belo is the real victim here. She trusted and loved Katrina, as if she's a part of her family. She gave her sponsorships, helped her in her career and so forth, but Katrina repayed her by blatanly stabbing her back. But even though with all these, she remained in-love with Hayden, despite the fact that their relationship's affecting everyone close to her big time, most notably her children.
3. It's impossible to figure out Hayden's real motives here. His statements are so much diluted it hinders us from reading his mindset about this issue.
4. We must be blamed for this as well. Our curiosity and desire to share and watch the videos further cause, in some ways, humiliation to the persons involved in those videos.
5. These TV stations must avoid talking about this issue too much in their news programs. It hinders them from discussing other important news, plus the fact that most of the kids are tuned in to these programs, causing them to be curious enough about sex. TV peeps, try to think about that.

Guess that would be the last I'll discuss that scandal.

That's it for today's post. See ya tomorrow! :)


  1. Buti naman ok ka na...gulat pa ako at bigla ka andun sa comment box ko eh :D ...

  2. ate kamukha mo yung abigaile buencamino

    ikaw yata yan eh?
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