Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of Mail-Order Brides, American Idol and etc. :)

Isn't that a nice view? Haha!

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Good evening everyone! I believe it's the second to the last Tuesday of the month, meaning my summer days are indeed numbered. Yep, four weeks from now and I'll be packin' to school once again. Nah, I guess it's a normal thingy to deal with.

Me and my bro. LA made it a point to stroll at Makati for a while earlier this morning. Let's just say we're dead bored here in Alabang, haha!

I have a lot of things to talk about. Permit me to fire away.


Last May 12, Alec Baldwin appeared in an edition of the Late Show with David Letterman and was asked by the latter about his thoughts on expanding his own family. Alec then proceeded to reply by joking that he'll probably get a mail-order bride from the Philippines or from Russia.

Apparently, this joke caused Sen. Bong Revilla to release a statement telling that if Alec Baldwin ever sets his foot here in our country, he'll be beaten to a pulp and exposed to the real definition of mayhem.

Here's my thing: as you see, there's a very thin line between a comedic expression and an insult. As a comedian, you must know how to juggle that line up, considering the fact that you might just offend people. On the other hand, I don't think we have to take Baldwin's joke that seriously. It's a freakin' joke people, unlike the article released by that gay whatsisname Chao. Fact is, we're doing the same thing when it comes to other cultures isn't it? Let us also consider the fact that whenever we say something very offensive to other countries, they brush it off immediately, as if they've heard or read nothing. We're just over-reactive or probably, much vulnerable than other countries. I think we just have to learn the art of brushing off a joke like that.

On the other hand, Sen. Bong Revilla doesn't need to react that way. This just proves his ignorance of the reality that exists within our country, or probably his guilt over that certain fact.

I'm not saying that I'm not a Filipino. It's just that we're unable to do something to, at least, clean our image. The cause: poverty. Without the stigma of poverty, probably Alec won't even mention Filipinos on that joke. We must do something to reshapen our image and prove our decency above other cultures. Got my point?

Another thing: Bong, instead of focusing your energy on that joke, why don't you go out of your house and do something to alleviate some of the issues that we're suffering from? Use your head mister.

Sigh.* So much for that one.


Tomorrow, we'll bear witness to the final showdon between Idol hopefuls Adam Lambert and Kris Allen in American Idol, and I am so much excited about it.

As far as AI's concerned, both of them have dominant strengths over the other. Kris is an ideal musician, able to play different instruments and juggle through a variety of styles, while Adam is a total performer, a flashy rocker that has the charisma to wow the crown with his own vocal power.

The big question is this: will they be able to prove out those strengths tomorrow? That we'll have to find out.

But hey, one thing's for sure: Simon's expression will never change even a bit I'm telling you, haha!

That's it for today's post. See ya! :)


  1. It's a disgrace and embarassment for us Filipinos.

    "mail-order bride"? wtf?!
    Anu kala nya sa atin? Mcdo delivery?

    Kay pareng Alec Baldwin, idial mo ang number na ito. 1-800-FUCKYOURSELF.

  2. @Bart:
    Hindi tau mababanggit dun sa joke na un kung:
    1. Walang gagawa ng ganung system dahil sa kahirapan.
    2. Hindi tau masyadong magrereact sa mga ganyan at hrapin ang problema ng bansa natin.

  3. Sa sinabi mong "hindi tayo mababanggit sa joke na ung kung Hindi tayo masyadong magrereact sa mga ganyan", parang na-reverse mo. How can we react on such thing kung hindi naman nya binaggit yun? Could we react kung wala pa syang nababanggit? . May reaction pag may pinagmulan

    yep. We can't deny it. We, Filipinos, live that way. We grasp to any chances just to have money and all the things that coincides with it.