Friday, May 15, 2009

Shocker Friday..

Gotta love driving. :)

A good day fellow bloggers! It's sad to know that I've got 30 days left for this summer vacation. Sigh.* I guess I can cope with that, since I'm a little bit excited na din naman for my third year in Beda, haha!

You might just wonder: Why the heck would I give such a title as that? Well, I'll discuss that in just a bit in connection to my NBA updates.

Let's cap off this post first with some playoff news.

Indeed, today's a complete shocker for most NBA fans as 2 of the most exciting playoff series were tied to 3 a piece, leaving our mouths agape for their conclusion.

The Houston Rockets proved earlier that they are poised to grab the NBA Championship even without their key players as they dominated the LA Lakers with a 15-point lead, tying the series off prior to a death match this Sunday(Eastern time) at Staples Center. Aaron Brooks lead the Rockets with an impressive 26 points for the team, following short to Bryant's 32. The Lakers dominated most of the Statistic Boards, but the Rockets pulled an upset near the end of the game to deliver a spectacular win.

Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics fell incapacitated to the rampaging comeback of Orlando Magic after suffering a 83-75 loss to the latter. Dwight Howard made full use of their homecourt advantage, capping the statistic boards with 26 points and 22 rebounds, with Rajun Rondo following with 5 points and 6 rebounds short.

This is getting more exciting that we've expected. Guess we have to wait for a double thriller this Sunday.


I'll miss my Dad... Sigh.*

He'll be leaving kasi the country next week in conjunction to his job. He'll be away to Italy for a couple of months or more.

I know, I know. It's quite short for an absence but you see, I really love my Dad. A big chunk will be dropped off from my own knowing that I'll have to cope with missing my buddy, my first mentor, my closest friend..

He's not just a dad.. He's more than just that.

Sorry if I'm acting like this. I'm quite sensitive when it comes to these things. Mababaw lang ako kung umiyak at malungkot kumbaga.(I have a tendency to cry and be saddened that easily.)

Guess we have to learn how to hold on with a ball and release it when the proper time comes..

Don't you worry peeps.. I'll be fine. Trust me. ;)

Alright, that's enough for today. Hope to see you guys next time, probably this Sunday since I'm all prepped up for the David VS David Concert, haha! Yah, I'm so much excited for that. Till' then! :)


  1. Siguradong mami-miss mo dad mo :)

    Entry para sa concert wag kalimutan at ang mga pix lolz