Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Saturday Saturday....

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Good morning dear bloggers! Yep, today is the day folks. Minutes from now we will be witnessing the clash between the Pacman and the Hitman in a gruelling 36-min. fight that would determine a lot of things for these 2 fighters.

Anyway, so how was my Saturday? Well, actually we visited our house here in Batasan, Q.C. It's fun reminiscing those old times. We lived here kasi till' I became a 4-yr. old kid. So there. We stayed here last night, while bonding it up with some of our relatives including my close cousins. After we finish the Pacquiao-Hatton fight, probably we would leave to return to Alabang.

And those were the days..

Minutes from now we will bear witness to a brutal reckoning between two of the world's greatest fighters, with one goal in mind- to prove that they are the best.

Indeed, it would be proven later as our very own Manny Pacquiao would take on Ricky Hatton for the Welterweight Belt and for the much coveted Pound for Pound title.

3 things will be proven tonight:
1. One's power to touch a million lives.
2. The mentor's ability to give their foster sons the particular wisdom they need to stand up high in the end of it.
3. The fighter's will and strengths to claim his deserved glory.

Best of luck to you Manny! I know that you can do it! Be proud of the Filipino Spirit everyone!

Three Stars and A Sun! :)

Me and my Puffy Yuri have this small deal.

Instead of making a podcast for my blog, we will create a new blog that the two of us will manage. Obviously, it'll be a tech blog. We'll try to create this new blog as soon as possible. :)

I'll update you with that, don't you worry!

That's it for this morning's post. Let us cheer for Manny and be proud of our Filipino Heritage. Once again, Three Stars and A Sun!

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