Monday, May 11, 2009

Before I drive... Again, haha!

Yup, I'm on the driver's seat :)

Good aftie everyone! It's a hot Tuesday afternoon isn't it? My, it's so freaking humid it makes me wanna go to the shower almost 3 times a day. Well, I guess we just have to be patient enough since this season's nearing its end to make way for the rainy blues.

How was my day yesterday? Well, it was all good. I visited my cousins at Bel Air, Makati and it was really great. My aunt kasi just got home last Saturday and she invited me to come over for a special dinner with Mom and Dad, but since they're busy and with my 3 other siblings having an awkward mood, well I went there all by myself to snatch all the fun, haha!

Later on I'll be driving again. I have to go to Trinoma to buy some stuff there. :)

Alright, nuff' with that. Let's fire away some up-in-a-minute NBA updates and other things out there.

Cleveland fans you can scream your heads off right now. Yep, they made a complete sweep after adding their fourth and most spectacular win over the Atlanta Hawks with a score of 84-74 in the former's favor. As usual, Lebron James dominated the scoreboards together with Atlanta's Josh Smith, scoring 27 and 26 points respectively. Now they are heading towards the Eastern Conference Finals to face the winner of the Celtics-Magic series.

Meanwhile, in the Western Conference, the Dallas Mavericks delivered a huge upset after defeating the Denver Nuggets with a slight 2-point lead. Dirk Nowitski is the main scorer for the game, making an impressive 44 points for that game. The big question for the Mavs is, can they pull off yet another win against a rampaging Nuggets?

That we'll see this Thursday morning, Eastern Time.

Speaking of the Nuggets, I've read an article on the net telling that a scuffle occurred between the Mavs' owner Mark Cuban and Denver Nuggets' Kenyon Martin.

For those who do not know Kenyon Martin, he's the one with the no. 4 jersey in Denver, being their PF(Power Forward). He was known to some hardcourt fans as K-Mart.

The article says that Mark Cuban approached Kenyon's mother, who was watching his son's game near the Nuggets' bench that the Denver Nuggets' players are all thugs, including Kenyon and excluding Billups. This caused Kenyon to go irate and release a bold statement, telling that he does not need to go all the way through this media frenzy, but he'll "take care" of things his own way.

My.. That's such a threat. That just proves Martin's real attitude outside the court.

And apparently, that's what I hate with most of the Nuggets. Most of them act like they're demigods or something, most notably Carmelo, who acts as if he's someone larger than life or probably, than Kobe and Jordan.

Can you please just drop those stupid nuances and act like real players? I'm assuring you, that attitude will bring the team to jeopardy if ever, or more probably, hinder them from reaching the finals.

As for Mark Cuban, I think he made a mistake telling such a remark to Kenyon's mom. Let the players do the stuff, don't involve yourself too much if you know you'll trample other people.

Hai.. Nuff' with that. Let's move on.

Regarding the Rihanna nude photos, Chris Brown's side released a statement telling that he's not responsible for the leakage of the pics.

I don't think so..

There are 3 things about this ample scandal:
1. It could be that someone hacked or stole Rihanna's pics from her phone or PC and uploaded it somewhere.
2. She got a scuffle with a close friend whom she entrusted those pics, causing the latter to leak it. Or:
3. ...Chris Brown leaked them in order to get back at Rihanna.

That's my assumptions regarding the leakage. As of now, Rihanna's camp requests the sites who posted them to take them down immediately.

I think this is too much. It is much degrading in Rihanna's part.

I guess the plot just continue to thickens as time passes.

That's it for today's post. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Hope to see you guys next time. Bye! :)


  1. kmart is a thug. but cuban is such a bigmouthed B*tch. i was a mavs fan before. but cuban destroyd his team. and whines about it. tsk.

  2. @reigun manik:
    Yah.. According to my research, most of the Nuggets have criminal records and considered by many as goons, including Kmart and Carmelo(that bastard!).

    What I do love about the Nuggets is that Billups remained the same person as he is before being drafted to Denver: rational and sport.

  3. I think Lakers battles the Nuggets in the West. Cavs and Celts again in the East. And I pick Cavs and L.A. Lakers in the NBA Finals.