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Good evening peeps! So much has happened(I believe) earlier, with the NBA Playoffs getting more exciting as the Semifinals for both conferences nears its end, and of course with AI having its final week before the faceoff.

So how was my day? Well, it's great. I hanged out a bit with my Puffy earlier at SM North Edsa and afterwards, at Eastwood. It was really fun being with him. :)

Alright, let's cap off with my usual updates.

Let's have a lowdown on the NBA games that occurred earlier this morning(Eastern Time).

The Boston Celtics proved to everyone that they deserve being the defending champions after crushing Orlando Magic with a 4-point lead to claim their 3rd win in the series. Glen Davis was the top scorer for the game, providing 22 points for Boston, while Dwight Howard dominated the rebound boards with 17 rebounds.

Meanwhile, the L.A. Lakers bounced off from their last game after defeating a T-Mac and Yao-less Houston Rockets. The score: a one-sided 118-78. Kobe Bryant earned 26 points, with Aaron Brooks following with 12 points short.

The standing for both teams who won earlier: 3-2. Just one win away to continue their campaign towards their respective conferences' finals.

I have a lot of things to say about AI, but since I can't just contain them in one post, let me take an article from AI's official site to do the detailed rundown instead.

It was man vs. man vs. man Tuesday on
American Idol as Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert took the stage for the first all-guy semifinal in show history.

Some might call it the best Top Three ever. We're still bummed about losing Allison Iraheta last week, but at least each guy has had at least a moment or two over the course of season eight that won him passage to be here, performing on Idol's 300th episode.

With the count down to three, each fella was tasked with performing two songs, including a tune handpicked by the judges.

This year, during their hometown visits, each contestant found out via text message what Paula Abdul, the team of Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi, and Simon Cowell wanted him to sing. Danny may have never heard of the number Paula picked, but here's how he did...

Danny: We're puzzled as to why Paula picked yet another upbeat, punchy feel-good tune for Danny to sing (he's done a lot of those), but at least the lad redeemed himself from last week with his energetic vocal on Terence Trent d'Arby's "Dance Little Sister." Opting for some midsong scatting rather than an ill-conceived high note, he was great to listen to—and even watch, because we don't mind when he dances—from start to finish. "Let the games begin!" Randy announced. Kara praised Paula for keeping Danny's voice in the "money spot," but Simon found the dancing "a bit desperate."

• Smart, smart, smart choice for song No. 2. Danny is so much more likeable when he's just sitting there, singing form the heart, as he did with Joe Cocker's version of Billy Preston's "You Are So Beautiful." His falsetto was spot-on, so we finally got a little range going there, and overall, this tune helped beef up his résumé should he make it to the finale. "Everything you didn't do the first time, you just did...Stunning," Kara said. "You left all of us breathless," Paula said, while Simon called it a "vocal master class."

Kris: The beloved David Archuleta sang "Apologize" by One Republic last year, but...Oh, well. Plopped down at the piano, the fresh-faced surprise finalist (going on his initial impression way back when) turned in a perfectly serviceable rendition of the chart-topper. His vocal was lush and smooth, but it just a mirror version. Kara—who picked the song for him, along with Randy—called it a "competent performance," but thought he should've taken more chances. Hmmm... Of course, Simon then called Kara out for expecting Kris to do something extra special with their middling song choice.

• Hmmm, Danny just got a run for his money because Kris rose so high above the occasion...he managed to top Kanye West. His acoustic take on the rapper's "Heartless" was awesome—and Randy now prefers Kris' to the original version. The vocals were great, the beat was even better... Maybe we have short memories, but this put us in Kris' camp for the opportunity to sing it out against Adam. Reitering his earlier opinion about Kara and Randy's "lame" choice, Simon said that he had written Kris out after performance No. 1. "That, however, has all changed," he concluded.

Adam: Way to work those U.K. connections, Simon. The Brit secured Bono's blessing for Adam to wail on U2's "One"...and the glamfab finalist, true to form, wailed like a pro. His performance brought tears to our eyes--admittedly due in part to the awesomeness of the song, but also because of the sweet, sweet timbre of his voice. Adam probably didn't need to delve into Freddie Mercury territory on this mellow classic, but it was still a completely polished, entirely pleasing performance. Simon deemed it "a brilliant, brilliant performance. If you're not in the final, it will be one of the biggest upsets."

• Television—not to mention the wee CBS soundstage—is too small for Adam Lambert. Dude needs an arena. Taking on one of his own idols (and perhaps showing Danny up a bit), he bit into Aerosmith's "Cryin'" with that incomparable level of assurance that makes him a performer you take interest in every second he's up there, doing his thing. "You're one of the best that we've ever had on this stage," Randy said. Kara remained in awe of Adam's high notes, Paula mixed her metaphors and Simon offered this public service announcement: "It's very easy to assume you're going to sail through to the finale...but people shouldn't assume, they should vote...You deserve to be there."

Whew, what a night! One of the guys will be eliminated tomorrow night, whether you're ready to let him go or not.


Alright, that's it for today's post. See ya' tomorrow! :)