Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hei ya!

Vain as always.. :P

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Hey everyone! It's a hot and humid Tuesday, and it's quite annoying considering the fact that I just recovered from my fever. I'm still pretty much sensitive to heat- yes, an after-effect of my sickness, I assume.

I drove earlier this afternoon to accompany my Dad at Makati to visit Grandma's grave. It was a serene moment to say the least. We bonded up together upon our arrival, talking about some personal things and the like. He even told me that he's quite slow to see how I've grown so fast, and that I am so much in hurry with my goals in life. Guess he was right. I have grown so fast.

I'll cherish that moment, knowing that he'll be leaving this country next week. Sigh.. I'll miss him badly..

Anyway, I'm not here to be depressed or anything, haha! Let me just give you some NBA updates as of late.

The L.A. Lakers probably has received their most disappointing loss so far in the West Finals series in Game 4 after being demolished that easily by the Denver Nuggets. Just like the Cavs, they were never given a chance to get ahead of their counterparts. The final score is 120-101.

Kobe Bryant's 34 points wasn't enough to give the Lakers a much needed lead for the win. The Nuggets proved that their team plays are neat enough to combat LA's key assets. Smith also proved his prowess within all zones of the court, and showed his ability to create magnificent passes and plays in behalf of Denver's staple ball handler Chauncey Billups.

There are 3 notable moments in the game:
1. Dante Jones was given an intentional foul call after tripping Kobe Bryant on the wooden canvas. He was then ordered to remain on the bench til' the match's conclusion.
2. Both teams suffered from successive foul troubles. It was noticeable that these players were eager to contest bodily contacts in order to hinder the opposing team from delivering their plays.
3. Two Lakers fans were seen in the middle of a big Nuggets Fanatics crowd upon the lower patron section of the Pepsi Center. I guess they were beaten to a pulp outside the stadium.

That's it for today! See ya' tomorrow! :)


  1. sa tingin ko aabot hanggang game 7 ang mga laro ngayon. it's about profit, more games, more money

  2. like you, my boyfriend is also updating me about NBA playoffs.. ^-^