Thursday, May 14, 2009

Excited for David VS David :)

Peace! :)

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Good evening bloggers! I'm so much excited for Saturday. My mom just bought three tickets for the David VS David concert- one for Mom, my bro. LA and the last one for me. :) Yey, I'll get to see these two huge stars perform live in front of our sights.

I'll discuss something about that in just a bit. Let's ha
ve a quick rundown first of the latest NBA and AI updates.

It was a not-so-shocking and disappointing moment as the Denver Nuggets capped off their fourth win against the Dallas Mavericks, earning them a ticket towards the Western Conference Finals, awaiting the winner of the Lakers-Rockets series. Dirk Nowitski's 32 points weren't able to do as much to cap away from their 14-point deficit.

I was so much disappointed, due to the fact that I really hate the Nuggets(excluding Billups) because of their pathetic hardcourt attitude. I know that some of you share the same sentiment as I do.

Tomorrow we'll see if the Lakers and the Celtics can finish off their respective series prior to their conferences' finals.

Sorry for the Danny Gokey fans, but he was the last one to be slashed off from American Idol, leaving Kris Allen and Adam Lambert for the final faceoff next week. Guess it was Danny's lousy dance moves that caused him his eviction, haha! Just kidding!

Come May 20, we'll have to embrace a new idol. I'm putting a grand for Adam Lambert. He's gonna be the next American Idol.

Yep, that's a bold prediction. :)

Speaking of AI, this Saturday, the two Davids will shake the entire MoA Open Grounds as they'll perform in front of thousands of Filipinos for the much-awaited David VS David concert.

And I'm not just talking about any Davids out there. It's David Archuleta and David Cook people.

It's fun to know that a lot of Filipinos were going crazy and gaga over the Davids, myself included. There's something about these two Idols that makes the entire Philippines go frenzy for them- a testament to how huge they are already.

It's a good thing Mom reserved Titanium-class tickets for the 3 of us. Mom indeed has connections and the grands to go for it, haha!

Well, I certainly assure you peeps, it'll be all worth your buck.

For those who'll be watching the concert, I'll be seeing you this Saturday! ;)

That's it for today's post. Hope to see you guys next time. :)


  1. Talaga bang araw araw kang nanunuod ng NBA? Ayus ah, laging updated

    Do you really hate the Denver Nuggets? Yes, they are the Dark Horse of The West Conf., But to the fact that they are really a very good team
    They can run the ball, shoot the ball and defend. I love the team 'cause they are so unique. I love all them, especially the birdman.

    hehe. la lang, wala magawa. hehe

  2. napanuod ko sa news andami nga plang fans ni david archiroleta dito saka david cokes,hmp. ang corny,

    cnabi mo pa mayabang talaga mga nuggets.lalo na kay carmelo buti nga skanya di npasali sa all-nba 1st team.pwdng pwd ka palang maging sidecourt reporter.

  3. @Bart Tolina:
    Haha! There are times na di ako nakakapanood, like last Wednesday, when I went to Eastwood. I stream na lang highlights of those missed matches para updated. And yeah, I'm vocal about hating the Nuggets, but gotta give em' the dibs for that. But I assure you, the Lakers can beat em'.

    @Hari ng Sablay:
    Haha.. Hndi naman cla corny. Bihira lang kasi in a gen. ung tipo nilang dalawa.

    Courtside reporter? Haha. I'd rather be a DJ. :)

  4. Yep but sometimes assurances are ripped. hehe
    sorry, I'm a denver fan eh. I assure you, there will be no showtime in Hollywood. haha

  5. @Bart:
    Haha! What if we take on a small bet here? I'll put a grand for LA. :)

  6. wow, aggressive ah. hehe :D

    panu ba?

    (masyado kang maganda para makipusta sa akin, haha. Mga kapustahan ko kasi mga tambay dito sa amin. haha) just messin'

  7. yung joke ko po ung sinasabi kong corny hindi po sina david,hehe

  8. @hari ng sablay:
    Haha! :) Lagi naman gnun mga Pilipino eh.

    Nope, hehe..