Tuesday, May 19, 2009

West Finals Game 1 Updates..

Let me give a quick recap of the earlier matchup between the LA Lakers and the Denver Nuggets for their Game 1 in the series.

The LA Lakers utilized all the means that they could muster in delivering their first win against a defiant Denver Nuggets with just a 2-point lead. Kobe Bryant topped the scoreboards with an impressive 40 in the basket, with Carmelo Anthony following by 39. Pau Gasol dominated the rebound boards with 14 rebounds, as opposed to Kenyon Martin's 8. However, despite the loss, Denver's Chauncey Billups proved that he's capable of being a surrogate leader to the Nuggets. His amazing plays and ball handling skills became a threat to LA, hindering them from contesting effective defenses to their shots.

The final score is 105-103.


  1. @Brad:
    Hush down buddy, haha! I know, I know.. After all, it's Kobe Bryant.