Sunday, May 17, 2009

One More For the NBA Championship..

Alright, let me finish my NBA updates for today.

The match between the Celtics and Magic was put to a close in the last 3.8 seconds of the final quarter as the Orlando Magic dispatched the defending champions off their campaign, leading to a fated clash against the Cleveland Cavaliers this Wednesday. The final score was 101-82.

Hedo Turkoglu headed the Magic in the scorecards and assist boards, contributing 25 points in the basket and 12 assists for the team with Ray Allen and Rajun Rondo of Boston following with 2 points and assists short. Dwight Howard proved himself as the rebound king for that night, putting an impressive 16 rebounds in the records.

Yep, folks. We are now getting closer towards the NBA Finals, and it's going to be as much exciting than before. :)


  1. sayang ang boston.

    kaya lebron era na.

  2. @Bart:
    Yep, it's gonna be Cleveland for the crown..