Friday, May 1, 2009

Cool Friday....

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Hello dear bloggers! It's the first day of the month of May, and the start of a long weekend for most people, haha! I can say that I enjoyed this day so much with my buddies. We hanged out earlier at ATC, doing our usual and fun mall thingies. :) We also made it a point to watch the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which is quite cool by the way. I'll be discussing about that movie in just a bit. :)

What bothers me today is the fact that this vacation's approaching its end too swiftly. Guess I was blinded by how I enjoyed this summer vacation that I'm unable to notice how time flew fast. Well, guess we just have to go on with the flow.

I have a lot of things to talk about. So, shall I bring them up?

Last night, my Puffy Yuri's group messages reminded me of my own fandom of the Final Fantasy series. Yep, I am also a fan of the aforementioned series. You see, there's something in Final Fantasy that I can't just let go, and perhaps, will be a part of my life forever.

So how does a Final Fantasy story work? Well, let me explain it in a simple context. Each Final Fantasy universe faces a deadly threat which would threaten their existence. As with all its incarnations, a hero/heroine/heroes will be drawn into the conflict, and serve as a hope against the threat, while embarking on an adventure on their own. On the way, the heroes will face their inner conflicts regarding their morals and past, which would eventually open them to their destiny as saviors of their respective universe.

Perhaps, FF was the darkest/most deep of all the RPG series that I've followed. I've also learned a lot of things and realizations from FF that helped me with my life. I know that I'm sounding dramatic already but that's the truth... and probably the same reason why I love the series.

Let me recall some of my fave/notable FF moments:

The death of Aeris. It was the most touching scene I have ever seen in a game. God, I can't believe that they would kill a lovable character like her. Guess it was a difficult editorial decision made to explain Cloud's hatred against Sephiroth.

The reunion scene in FF-IX, where Zidane rekindled his bond with Garland at the end of the game. It was a "klilig" moment for me, haha!

FFX-2's opening intro. It was one of the best opening sequences I have ever seen, with Yuna performing on stage with a huge audience. You might not admit it, but most fanboys loved that scene, haha!

FFVII Crisis Core's final scene, in which Zack dies and bids his final farewell to cloud. God, I've had enough of these sad moments in gaming. I cried a bit after watching that scene. It made me cherish the FF series even more.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy's opening sequence. It was a dream come true for most FF fans, as the primary protagonists of all the FF games from 1 to 11 united as one to battle the forces of Chaos and his own league of primary antagonists from the mentioned FF games. It was awesome.

So much for my FF fandom, haha! Well, gotta love Final Fantasy, and I'm quite sure it's here to stay.

As I've mentioned above, I'll discuss the newest spin-off in the X-Men movie franchise, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As the title suggested, the film centered on Logan's birth as a mutant and his evolution into the X-Man known as Wolverine.

It was a good film. What I hated about this film anyway is the killing of known X-Men characters such as Gambit and Silver Fox, and the unexplained details behind the eponymous Weapon + project, which Logan eventually became a part of. Another thing: the action sequences blurred some important parts of the plot.

Don't get me wrong though. It served justice on Wolverine's basic origin story as a mutant. I assume that everything will be explained much further when its sequel arrives. I just hope that the sequel would do much better than this one.

I'll give this movie a grade of 7/10. :)

Alright, that's it for today's post. Thanks for following my blog. See ya! :)


  1. wait..gambit was killed? i watched it, but i couldnt recall that.. anyway, ryan reynolds was rocking!LMAO! XD

  2. He was shot from a long distance kasi.. Yah, sinabi mo pa, haha!

  3. Punta kayo sa blog ko at may libreng pagkain!