Friday, May 8, 2009

More NBA Updates :)

Good evening everyone! Alright, let's have a quick rundown of the latest NBA updates. :)

Earlier this morning(Philippine time), the
Cleveland Cavaliers dispatched their conference semifinals counterparts so easily by duking an impressive 105-85 win over the demoralized Atlanta Hawks. Lebron James contributed 27 points for the team, with Andre Varejao following by 8 points.

However, West was taken out of the game af
ter suffering a serious eye injury during the third quarter of the game. But as likely as it seems, it did not affect the Cavs' impressive perfomance against a seemingly powerless Atlanta. As of late, the series is now 2-0, in favor of Cleveland. Their next game will be this Saturday(American time), with the Hawks gaining the hometown advantage.

Meanwhile, tomorrow the Boston Celtics will face Orlando Magic within the latter's homecourt, while the Lakers will face the Rockets at Houston for their respective third games in the series. This Sunday, Dallas will duke it out
once more against Denver, with the latter having the homecourt advantage.

That's it for my NBA updates. Hope to see you around tomorrow. Bye!

Do you love how I look? Haha!


  1. With Horford and M. Williams out, can Hawks still survive the raging Lebron-packed-Cavaliers? Nah. Sweep na yan. haha.
    Updated ka sa NBA ah. Pustahan teu, haha

  2. @Bart:
    Sure. Game, I'm gonna place my bet on L.A. How about you? Haha!

  3. I'm gonna put my money on King James. Sure ka? haha baka pa nga di makaabot ng finals ang LA. Haha