Wednesday, May 6, 2009


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Good evening everyone! I was unable to get touch with my PC yesterday, due to the fact that I prepared myself for my High School batchmate's debut, plus the fact that I have to help her as well with the proceedings. I'm the hostess kasi. :) Well, it was a great party. Almost all of my fourth year classmates attended the said party. It's one of those rare moments where all of your friends make it a point to catch up with everyone. It was just awesome.

Anyway, so much has happened lately. Let's get to them right away. :)

I just wanna congratulate Lebron James for grabbing the MVP for this year's NBA season. Yep, King James just proved to everyone that he is poised alongside with his teammates to reach the desired championship crown.

Now that the first round of the playoffs are over, let us have a quick recap of what just happened within the start of the Conference Semifinals:

Eastern Conference:
Cleveland- 1
Atlanta- 0

Orlando- 1
Boston- 0

Western Conference:
L.A. Lakers- 0
Houston- 1

Dallas- 0
Denver- 2

Seems that the Lakers have gone through a bumpy start together with Dallas, who suffered 2 losses from a defiant Denver Nuggets. Boston was welcomed with a hard remark, as Orlando demolished the defending champs with a five-point lead last Monday, while everything seemed quite easy for Cleveland after grabbing a 99-72 win over Atlanta.

Well, let's just say that things are just getting started for all the remaining participants for this year's playoffs.

Moments ago, I found this two bizaare news articles about gaming. Let me share them to you:

1. A Shanghai-based gamer(let me name him Qiu) lent an in-game item called Dragon Saber to his gamer friend(let's call him Zyu.). However, Qiu discovered that Zyu sold the item to a fellow gamer during a PVP session. That prompted Qiu to report the in-game incident to the police. However, they just ridiculed him. In a desperate(and crazy) attempt, Qiu approached Zyu in his house and stabbed him directly in the chest, killing him.

Zyu's parents pushed through with their search for justice, giving Qiu a suspended death sentence.

God.. That kid's probably insane. He killed someone just for that in-game item? That's so pathetic.

2. A European female World of Warcraft gamer made a shoutout in the game that she wants to get hold of a large sum of gold from anyone. In exchange, she will make love with those who are willing enough to share that sum of gold.

However, it seemed that she got the gold, but no one got her.

That's it for my bizaare gaming news. How about you? Do you have a bizaare gaming news to share?

It seems that everybody has forgotten the H1N1 virus in favor of Manny's victory over Hatton. I guess his big win just relieved us of the horrors of this threat temporarily.

The big question is: Do we have to be alarmed of it?

The answer, as always, is an obvious YES.

As of late, this virus has already entered some parts of Asia, most notably HK and Taiwan, which means that it might just spread among other parts of this continent.

I just hope that the health authorities will make precautionary measures against the H1N1 virus, before everything ends in a wide-scale crisis.

That's about it for today's post. Thanks everyone! See ya. :)


  1. wow, akala ko ang blog na to yung tipong pang girly-girly things. Nabigla ako nung nakita kong nagsusulat ka rin about NBA. hehe. nice.

  2. @Bart Tolina:
    Haha! I'm a sporty and techie girl din kasi. :)

  3. hi! you don't look bored on your photo ^-^
    i love that great smile! so cute!
    and your posts are just worth reading, keep it up girl!