Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stormy Thursday.. (oh, it's my 100th post already!)

Letting Kriselle browse the net with my laptop :)

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Yah, it's my 100th post here in Blogger. Cheers to that! :) Let us wish for more posts and followers to come!

A good day fellow bloggers! Today's quite rainy due to the impending arrival of Typhoon Emong. I believe most summer classes(and some regular classes)
were cancelled already due to the storm. My dad's about to go home already as well. He just gave me a call saying that they have abruptly cancelled all their work for today because of Emong.

So much for this storm. Let me fire away some updates with regards to AI and NBA.

Hours earlier, Alisson Iraheta was voted off from American Idol after belting out an electric rendition of "Cry Baby" last Tuesday night.

It was a complete shocker to say the least. Everyone was expecting Danny Gokey to be slashed out of the competition but instead, it was Alisson who took the heart-breaking dismissal.

Guess those performances by Daughtry, No Doubt and an idol-stage debuting Paula Abdul were unable to hide the eventual conclusion for today's elimination night.

The remaining Idol hopefuls are Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Danny Gokey. For next week, they'll be performing 2 songs- one of their choice and the other one being the judges' pick. I say, you have to hold on to AI simply because of the fact that the next elimination night will determine who will face each other for the exciting finale of American Idol. The next Idol then will be crowned come May 20.

Things are getting more exciting as ever in AI.

As for the NBA, the Boston Celtics pulled off an impressive upset after belting out an amazing 114-94 win over Orlando Magic just hours earlier. Guess that just proves the fact that the Celtics' defense over the crown isn't over yet.

Meanwhile, the LA Lakers did the same thing, bouncing back from their earlier loss through an 111-98 win over the Houston Rockets. The next game for these two teams will be held at Houston's Toyota Center.

This year's Playoffs are getting more exciting. Well, guess we have to stick to NBA even further as the Finals are about to come weeks from now.

That's it for this post. Keep it locked in to Princess Journal for more NBA and AI updates. See ya!


  1. gusto ko makita sa finals cavs and nuggets kahit ayko kay carmelo,yabang kasi parang si kobe dpat siya nlang dumugo ulo kanina,lols

    biro lang po sa mga lakers and nuggets fan,hehe

  2. congrats sa 100th post mo... hahaha akal mo gurl ako? di ahhh... anyway salamat sa commento mi amiga... haaay alam mo kahit madaming tao ang may ayaw sa ulan... ako i like it when it rains.... parang may something sa bawat patak ng ulan eh... hahahahah pag pasensyahan mo na at nag kwento pa ako sa iyo bout sa rain...

  3. Hehehe :D sanay umabot ng 10,000 post bago matapos ang taon lolzz

  4. @Hari ng Sablay:
    Haha! Wag naman. I'm actually hoping for a Lakers-Cavs face-off. I want to see Lebron duke it out against a more experienced Kobe. :)

    Thankies. Haha! Yup, there's something about the rain that makes us sad or mellow..

    @Lord CM:
    Thanks! Haha! That's too much naman for a blog, haha!