Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sucks to be sick....

Does it seem like I'm sick?

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A good day bloggers! Yep, I missed doin' this. After 3 days of hiatus, I'm back here on the net. Yeah, I was sick this past couple of days. I've got a fever last Wednesday night, and it ruined big time my entire plans for the weekend. It sucks to be sick. It's a good thing that I'm feeling much better than before.

Alright, so let's cap off the things that I have missed as of late.

The road on the championship crown intensifies as both of the conference finals' series were tied to one a piece.

The Lakers suffered a debilitating defeat from the Denver Nuggets with Carmelo Anthony providing most of the team's needed points. Anthony delivered 34 in the basket, with Kobe Bryant following with 2 points short. The final score is 106-103.

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Conference, it was a complete shocker for everyone as the current season's MVP Lebron James rendered a desperate yet spectacular attack from the three-point lane at the game's very last second, giving the Cavs their first win over Orlando Magic. The score is 95-96. Lebron James proved his power and leadership skills as he hoisted the team to bounce back from their previous loss. However, Orlando proved that they are a force to reckon with after destroying the Cavs' lead in the previous three quarters of the game, thus demoralizing the latter in a state of panic.

Wow. Things are just getting much exciting. As the old adage says, "The game's just beginning.."

Congratulations to Kris Allen, our newest American Idol for this year.

Guess he just proved that he is indeed the Dark Horse of the competition. He pulled an amazing upset over Adam Lambert after convincing the rest of America that he deserves to be crowned as the new idol.

Just like last year, it was the voting power of America that saved Kris Allen from losing the competition.. Nah, I better change that one, since both Adam and Allen are already winners from the very beginning. :)

It was the talk of the week, the issue of the month, and probably the biggest scandal of the year.

Obviously, I am referring to the Hayden Kho sex videos. Actually, I was about to discuss that back then, but I elected myself not to, since I have no idea in what's really going on... until, that is, a friend of mine sent me those vids. It was quite graphic to say the least.

It's disturbing to know that most of us Filipinos are obsessed or probablt frustrated in seeing those vids, plus the fact that this issue has escalated into a higher level, with other people and the authorities having their dibs on it.

Sucks to be you Hayden. Guess you're now paying the price for all the deeds that you have done with your partners- recording these things secretly and underestimating the fact that somebody might just grab them for his own purpose. It's the same thing with Katrina, except that she has no idea that their deed's being recorded and that she's sincere enough to learn from this painful episode and move on from all the disgrace that she received from the public eye.

Let me just quote Bong Revilla's statement before I get to my own take on this issue: "Hayden Kho is the pervert of the highest kind."

Geez.. Aren't we perverts as well? Cmon, we are the ones who jump quickly into the PC to search for these videos. We are the ones who endlessly scour the metropolis to purchase copies of those sextapes. We are the ones who are passing it to our friends like a useless rag doll. Those acts just further add up the humiliation that his partners are suffering as of late.

From what is worth, we don't have the right to completely condemn the persons involved in this scandal. We must take ample time to observe ourselves and realize what is truly right.

I just hope that this media circus will serve as a lesson for Hayden Kho, his partners, and to everyone..

That's it guys for today. Hope to see you next time. Just wish for my quick recovery guys, okay? Take care! :)


  1. Denver revenge. Game 3 another thriller! Lebron won by 1 in game 2. Magic won game 1 by 1. Whose the No.1

  2. @Brad:
    Looks like you're rapping, haha! Joke! Well, I predict that both of the conference finals will last up to Game 7.