Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bored... 8:27 pm

Me, Josh and Kriselle taking a pic after waking up..

Current Mood: Bored, Blank?
Song Playing: You Remind Me

Alright, this day's so awfully boring. This is why I loath
e summer vacation sometimes. The good thing is I get to rest my butt down after 5 months full of stress and anxiety.

Anyway, it was fun listening to Goodtimes with Mo earlier this morning. I can't help but laugh with the Strip Spelling Bee segment with guest Moc
ha. God, it was hilarious. I kind of agree also to Mo's statement regarding this gay Tsao dude.

I miss my brother L.A. already. SIgh.. He's at Bel-Air still kasi. Hope he'll get to finish all these school stuff already para ma-cuddle ko na siya. :)

My Brother, L.A. Darn it, I miss you bro!

Moving on, I'll be posting a couple of techie updates here tomorrow so please do check it out. About the podcast thing that I mentioned before, well I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to get it going, but I'll keep you notified just in case it's ready.

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Till' then, ciao!

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