Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Day :)

Me with my little bro Josh and sis Kriselle

How was my day? It was great, and not relatively boring like yesterday.

My mom, out of boredom, suddenly decided to give m
e a treat together with my younger siblings. She told us that we deserve such a treat for all the efforts that me and Josh pulled off for our academics. Well, maybe let's cross out Josh, since he's not yet in the same level of difficulty as I am, haha!

We went to ATC and enjoyed one hell of a time there. You know, it's really fun to unwind and hang out with your family once in a while. It relieves you of your worries and stress.

After I got home I did the usual thing: camwhoring, haha!

All in all it was awesome. Mom, thank you so much for the treat! Love you! Mwahh~!


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