Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A tiring day...

Wishing that ASP.net's as easy as 123..

I am so much tired today.. I have to deal with multiple lab works, quizzes and recitations, plus the fact that I have a term paper and project to finish off this term..

I am starting to feel my own personal brand of hell... Yah, signs that this term's about to end..

So forgive me if I am unable to do my promise of posting updates about gaming and the like. Guess I'll have to refrain from posting game previews/updates and researching about techie stuffs for a while in order to concentrate even further on my studies.

I guess I have to stop playing Tekken BR for the meantime as well.. Hai, I'm gonna miss my Lili, haha!

Wish me luck with all these.. ;)


  1. Hai.. Ok lng yn Puffy.. Bsta kaya mo yan, ayt? Ikw pa. :)

    I'm so much sorry if your Puffy's so moody lately. Medyo depressed at frustrated lang kasi ako.

    Hndi poh ako glit sau ah tulad ng iniicp m poh..

    Bsta I am always here for you, ok?


  2. I know.. Sorry ah if naisip ko yun..

    Thanks Puffy! You have no idea how much thankful I am to have you as my friend!

    How's it goin' with your girlfriend?