Friday, March 13, 2009

3 Stars and a Sun...

I just got my FMCC Super Proxy shirt yesterday from a friend of mine. Good thing the shirt does fit my size. I just assumed kasi before that most of these FMCC shirts would be released in bigger sizes. Guess I was wrong.

Anyway, it's quite noticeable that these FMCC Shirts were selling like pancakes. After the demise of the great Francis M people began lining in droves upon FMCC stores just to buy their shirts. Looks like finally, Francis M's goal is starting to materialize.

But the fact here is this: would we have to wait for someone like Francis M to die before we realize how important it is to become a Filipino and how we should act in a time like this?

The answer is obvious. It's a big NO.

I am not saying that I am overly nationalistic, okay? But for what is worth, we are now losing our senses upon the true facet of our current society and the disease that it suffers now. It's now or never people. We have to act now and spread the spirit that Francis M wants to share with us. Let us hold hands and act as one, in order to repel the growing stigma of this nation.

As Francis M always says, "One Love.."

Let us spread that one love, and fight for that 3 Stars and a Sun. :)

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