Friday, March 27, 2009

10:13 am....

Me and Kriselle. We just woke up!

Good morning everyone! Rise and shine people.

I just woke up. Guess playing PSP too much will hinder you from sleeping properly, isn't it? At least I get to enjoy what I'm doing, haha!

So much for my previous post. Well, I guess that's the last angry rant that I'll be doing here in Blogger.

Anyway, I am now accepting suggestions and requests for my future blog posts. You can also share to me something that you have seen or discovered just recently. We'll post it right here in my blog so that we'll be able to discuss about it, right? I would definitely like to hear it from you. :)

Here's my email address: :)

Thankies! Have a nice day fellow bloggers!


  1. Melissa .. melissa .. melissa...

    la lang.. salamat sa pag-follow.. hehe

  2. Nice, gumaganun na sa blog c Puff, haha! :)