Friday, March 6, 2009

"One Love..." - Farewell, Francis M...

As unimaginable as it is, let us face the fact that indeed, Francis Magalona is gone..

A much heartbreaking loss for the fans, the entertainment industry and especially for those whom he have loved, most notably his friends and family.

To put it all up, we just lost a great person. A TRUE FILIPINO..

To tell you the truth, I was completely shocked by the news. I was taking a walk along MoA that afternoon when suddenly, I received a text message telling that he passed away just moments ago. First, I assumed that it was entirely a crappy joke made to annoy us but after receiving a string of gms and having a quick net browsing at Starbucks, that made me believe that he is truly gone.

I am not actually a hardcore fan of him, but through the years I learned to admire this person, his music and his ideals in life, He is such a great inspiration for all of us. Instead of backing down in the face of death, still he faced everything with a smile and fought up together with the Lawyer in Heaven.

If there's one lesson that I'll never forget from this person, it's this:

"Life is a HAPPY BATTLE.."

Farewell, Kiko. You'll never be forgotten....

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