Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boyet Fajardo scandal

Alright, let's step out from the techie/gaming scene and discuss this, ehem, "celebrity wannabe" Boyet Fajardo(as most people label him).

For starters, let me tell what's going on with the video that I embedded above. As you see, this CCTV cap shows Boyet Fajardo(the bald guy with the shades) forcing the cashier to kneel before him and apologize for some "inconvenience" in the former's part. Boyet also asserts his point that he's someone to be reckoned with, just because he is Boyet Fajardo.

God. For Pete's sake, please don't make me laugh. Sorry guys, but I have to be tactless in this post. Cmon Boyet. What the hell do you think you are? A demigod? Someone to be feared of? Geez, quit the show off and explain yourself. You don't possess the right to force someone to do such things like that. And who the hell are you anyway? The goddamn Boyet Fajardo? A famous fashion designer?


You're not even THAT popular. FYI, you're just a struggling designer who creates RTW clothes that does not sell at all.

You don't deserve our respect for what you did. You don't even have the right to be called as a filipino. You're a total disgrace to all of us. Let me give a reason why this country's being hindered from achieving total development: It is because of scums like you!!!

Now, how will you defend yourself after all this media circus? Oh God, I cannot believe this. You're despicable.

Sorry if I'm ranting like this. It's just that I'm so much irritated by this guy's act. And I know for sure that most people share the same sentiment as I am.

If you desire to boycott this wannabe's clothing line, here's the link for the petition page:

Again, I apoligize for being tactless as such with regards to this issue..


  1. i watch it on TV last night... kung ako yung guy na pinaluhod nito sasapukin ko sya kahit ako materminate sa work! para syang di nag aral!

  2. Exactly, I'll do the same thing! He's not even a god or someone that popular to do that. I'll shove his card right to his face if I were the cashier.