Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feb. 27, 2009....

That's me. I've taken this pic with my laptop's cam after I got home..

Alright, so how was my Friday? Well, it's pretty fine, albeit disappointing because he's not around during that day..

Me and my friends played Tekken BR at Timezone MoA after our respective classes- the usual Friday ritual that we do just to relieve the stresses of college life. We've had a couple of laughs and a whole lot of fun during that time, but that does not hide the fact that I utterly miss him. Yup, my eponymous Tekken Tag Partner, my Lili's Lars...

What's funny is that they keep on asking me about my recent post here in my blog. They want to know if it's true or not. I just replied with a blushing smile, and I am quite sure they know what it means. I even talked to Anne about it, who was with us during that day. She told me to never lose sight of my own and love him in a more positive and giving way..

After our usual Friday Timezone ritual, we all shared a cup of frappe and cream at Starbucks, and went food tripping at MoA. All in all, it was a great day. Although he's not with us, I can say that I'm still happy knowing that my friends were there for me..

After I got home, I suddenly realized one thing: I'll never give up on this feeling. I know that I'll be hurt in the process, but still, I will be there for him..

I will be there for him.. As if it's the last thing that I could do...