Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Such a Bore..

Hi there!

This day's so awfully boring. Guess playing PSP or s
urfing the net won't be enough to quench away this boredom.

Out of boredom, I just decided to test the capabilities of Adobe ImageReady in order to create a .GIF image. I posted the finished pic above. Too bad it won't budge to animate here.

Anyway, I've also tested my new Acer laptop's webcam:

I know. The cam's a little bit edgy and sharp but it's forgivable though..

Actually, I'm supposed to visit Yuri today, but due to his flu we were unable to do as such. Puffy Yuri, I hope that you'll recover soon enough for your chorale auditions!



  1. My GIF image's not animating at all, grr... Sorry for that people. It won't budge at all...

  2. I'm just exploring your blog and i stumbled upon this post. I think i know why it's not working. I noticed you uploaded the picture through blogger, I suggest you hosts it with imageshack and then use the url link so you can post it. Try that.