Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Makes a Great Programmer? (just got this from someone's blog)

This is interesting, and indeed, true. I got this one from a multiply site, and quite frankly, I find his views very much precise..


Lo and Behold, I will now commit geeky heresy by confessing that...

"Programming is NOT a talent"

We, the nerds and the geeks, would like to believe that programming is a talent. Something that is special. Something that cannot be learned fully. Something inherent -- a gift from the gods. We would like to believe that programmers are born - not made.

These beliefs stems from the premise that programming is an ART. Like singing or painting.

Let me be the one to tell you that programming is NOT a talent. However, it is true that programming is an ART and as all matters concerning art, passion separates the good from the great.

Programming can be learned. Programming Language can be learned. Algorithms can be learned. Software Engineering techniques can be learned. Everything concerning programming can be learned. So what separates great programmers from
good or mediocre programmers? No, not talent. Passion.

Programming (or Software Development to be precise) is just building stuffs for people to use... It's a modern form of craftsmanship. Even in the old times, craftsmanship is the vehicle for passion. Passionate people create great works, their magnum opus. Passion is what separates a $5 painting to $10,000,000 dollar one. Passion is reflected in the end product... It's as if the heart of the creator is passed on into the product.

I still believe that programmers are not born - they can be made. But hear this, Great Programmers are born. Not because great programmers are born with great intellect. Not because great programmers are born with superb logical and rational thinking skills. Not because great programmers are just geniuses...

But because GREAT programmers are born with passion. The passion to create great stuffs.

... and passion can never, ever be learned.

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